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How To Find My iPhone And Stolen iOS Devices Like iPad

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As a human being, you can temporarily forget things or unknowingly misplace vital things. This is an inevitable habit for some, while for other people, incidents of theft may cause them to lose a vital thing like an iPhone. However, whatever the case may be, losing things can be a frustrating moment for us. But the good part is that if you lose or misplace a priced object like your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac PC device, you can remotely track and locate them. I will show you how using find my iPhone technique will help you to recover it from anywhere in the world.

Find my iPhone

To better help you understand, what I’m talking about, I will show you certain apps, and platforms, that you can use to easily locate your iOS device if misplaced or stolen. But, first, you should note this key point.

A Find my iPhone Guide for (iPhone,iPad,iPod and Mac)

Enabling Find my iPhone On Your Device

find my iphone

It is important to note that you can remotely track or locate your missing device at any time, but to do so, you must have enabled Find my iPhone across all your iOS devices. If you have done this earlier before you lost the phone, you will be able to locate it easily if it eventually gets lost or stolen.

Now, without further delay, First, I will walk you through the process of enabling find my iPhone across all your iOS devices. Are you ready? If you are, let us begin.

Before I begin this guide, I want you to know this fact, that “find my iPhone” works in iOS platforms only. There are no find my iPhone apps for Android devices,  or any find my iPhone app for Windows. I’m establishing this fact for users trying to locate lost Android and or Windows devices.

Now let us see how you can enable find my iPhone in the compatibles devices.

How to Enable Find my iPhone for your iPhone,iPad,iPod

To enable find my iPhone for your iPhone or iPad, you will need to;

  • First, Launch the settings apps on that iOS device
  • Then, Tap on your Apple ID at the top
  • Click on iCloud
  • Scroll and search for find my iPhone
  • Switch it on

Enable Find my iPhone

With this in place, if your iPhone,iPad or iPod device eventually get lost or stolen, you’ll be able to easily locate it with the Apple find my iPhone app.

Locate your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac PC with Find my iPhone App

Find my iPhone app is free and helps you to easily find and protect your iPhone, iPad,iPod, and Mac, with another iOS device. The process is quick and easy;

  • First, download and install find my iPhone App
  • Next, open it and sign in with the Apple ID, Also, you use iCloud on your missing device
  • Immediately, Find my iPhone will help you locate your missing device on a map, with options to remotely lock it, display a message, play a sound or simply erase all data on it.

Locate your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac PC with Find my iPhone App

You can also use this method to secure find and protect your Mac PC if it is lost or stolen. However, you should be sure you have enabled find my Mac on the missing PC, or else it is useless to try to locate it.

Locate your iPhone,iPad or Mac with your Mac or Windows PC

find my iphone-Locate your iPhone,iPad or Mac with your Mac or Windows PC

Track or locate your missing iPhone, iPad or Mac device on the Web. This method of device retrieval is recommended for users without access to another iOS device. Especially in cases of emergency when they are unable to call for quick action, the steps are as follows;

  • First, open any web browser on your PC

open any web browser on your PC

  • Input in the URL section, Sign in to your iCloud Account

Input in the URL section, Sign in to your iCloud Account

  • Select find my iPhone from the main menu
  • Enter your Apple ID and Password

Select find my iPhone from the main menu Enter your Apple ID and Password

  • Click on all devices, and search for the device name you will like to track

Click on all devices, and search for the device name you will like to track

  • The current device location will be marked on the map, and you can now zoom in and out on the map, to spot the right location.

list of action modes

There are also a list of action modes, that you can take on this platform, like;

  • Play a sound – if the device is nearby, you can play a sound to help you or someone close by finding it.
  • Enable lost mode – by enabling lost mode, you will lock the missing device with a password and on the screen, it will display a message of the phone number you’ll like anybody to call if they eventually find the device.
  • Erase data – you can completely erase all data on that device with this option.

So, with those steps, you can easily manage and locate your missing device from another iOS device or a Windows or Mac PC.

But wait!, what if the device in question is Offline, and the find my iPhone feature hasn’t been enabled on it? what do you do?

Find my iPhone Feature is Disabled on My iOS Device; How Do I Find it

It is Sad, but all I can say is, you cannot locate your iPhone or iPad if you did not enable find my iPhone on that device earlier.  However, you can protect your data by using these easy steps.

  • First, you need to change your Apple ID password. If you do that, it will prevent anyone from accessing your iCloud data and other in-built apple services.
  • Next, you will need to report your phone the loss of your iPhone to the local enforcement agencies, for further investigations. You should note that they might ask for some information like the serial number. So keep it handy.
  • You’ll also need to change your password for your important internet accounts like your Email accounts, and your personal social media accounts.
  • You should also report that your device is missing to your wireless network carrier. The network can also disable calls, text, and the use of data on your sim card.

Finally, if your device is offline, and you have already enabled find my iPhone feature, you can remotely lock it. In addition, You can do that by enabling lost mode or even erasing all data. So, anytime they use this lost device online, one of the actions which you has selected earlier will take effect.

More Options and Facts

find my iphone-More Options and Facts About Find My iPhone Features

Assuming you find the device eventually, then you can turn off lost mode, by entering the passcode on the device.

However, if you activate “Lost Mode” on the device, earlier no one you will not be able to make payments using apple pay, debit, and credit cards. Apple will suspend it.  Furthermore, after erasing any device, you cannot track or locate it virtually, and whatever activation locks you put on the iOS device will go off.

Finally, you should know that Applecare+  is covering your missing device. So, you can file a claim to recover your missing iPhone or if they steal it.


We have given you steps that you can take to recover your stolen or lost iPhone on the web, and with an iOS device. However, the first thing you must know is that you are supposed to activate find my iPhone option before you lose it. Also, you know the things that you can do if find my phone option is disabled.  Now that you have all these facts go an and secure your iPhone or recover it if it when you lose it.

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