How to Generate Calendar in CorelDraw


Have you ever tried to design a calendar using CorelDraw? You can testify that it is not easy when you start drawing boxes then followed by typing the numbers. Right in this article, I’m going to show you the easiest way to generate your calendar in CorelDraw. This applies to CorelDraw 11, 12 & X3.

Using the Wizard

From the Menu bar, click on Tools > Visual Basic > Play.

how to design calendar-nollytech

A dialog box will pop up like the one below:CorelDraw

From the Macros-in drop-down, select “CalendarWizard” and click run to open the calendar wizard dialog box. In the Calendar Date Pane, choose the year. You can choose to check from January to December. You can also choose where the week should start from. corelDraw

Click on “Holidays” in the Calendar Language Pane. This function only help you mark the various holidays like Christmas, worker’s Day and so on. Add the Holiday name e.g Christmas, Choose the Month, the day and click Add/Modify button to apply. Click “Generate” button to finally display your calendar. generated calendar

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