How to get Autodesk Download Manager

Autodesk download manager


In this article, I will explain how to get Autodesk download manager. Autodesk Download Manager (DLM) helps you to save time by extracting packaged files as they are downloading. It improves performance by network acceleration methods. Also, Autodesk DLM gives you automatic retry, restart, and handles errors intelligently throughout the download session. You are also able to download up to three products at the same time and add an uncountable number of the product to the queue. Besides the first time, Autodesk DLM runs, it will install Akamai NetSession Interface to make download speed faster. I should let you know that DLM and NetSession do not have adware or spyware, and do not collect or distribute your personal information. Furthermore, NetSession does not use peer-to-peer features or use up network bandwidth.

Autodesk download manager

DLM is always ready for you to use anytime you download Autodesk products. Its file size is a mere 14 megabytes on your PC. And when you are downloading any file using DLM, you can still use your computer to work. Also, you can pause download anytime and resume later from where you stopped. Even when you shut down your computer, DLM will start the download where it stopped when the computer was shutdown. So you do not have to start the download all over. As you can see DLM is a valuable software to manage your download at Autodesk. The next thing to do now is to show you how you can get Autodesk download manager. Let us start immediately.

How to get Autodesk download manager

System Requirements

Internet browsers: Internet Explorer 7, 8, and 9, Chrome 12 or newer. As of now, DLM for Download Now and Install Now, does not support Firefox 23 and older versions.

Operating system: You can install software on Windows operating systems with the base service pack: Windows 7 32- or 64-bit Enterprise, Windows 8 32- or 64-bit Enterprise, Windows 2008 Server 64-bit R2. Also, it works on MacOSX. The minimum display resolution of software is 1024 x 768 pixels.

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Steps to get Autodesk download manager

Option 1

The first time you visit a website using the download manager, you will be given an option to download it. So to download it, do the following:

Autodesk download manager

  1. First, disable any pop- blockers and then accept security certificate from Akamai Technologies
  2. Then, install Active X or Sun Java Runtime Environment, if you need to do so.
  3. Next, click on the Download now button. This will install the download manager automatically.
  4. Also, use save file dialogue box to select where to save it. That is the download folder of your computer by default and click on Save.
  5. To learn more, here is the PDF titled installing using the download manager.
  6. That is how to get the Autodesk download manager.

Option 2

  1. When you see the prompt to download DLM,
  2. Save and run the file called AutodeskDownloadManagerSetup.exe.
  3. Depending on your browser, you may have to double-click on this setup file.
  4. Then you can follow the prompt to make changes to your computer
  5. Next, accept the License and Services Agreement,
  6. And then confirm the download location to complete the installation.

That is how you can get the Autodesk download manager.

How to uninstall Autodesk download manager

If you want to remove DLM from your computer, first close DLM,

  • You can use the Control Panel’s Programs and Features dialog in Windows.
  • Next, locate the DLM software and uninstall DLM and Akamai NetSession Interface.
  • Also, find and delete the info file.
  • To locate it, enter this path: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Autodesk\Autodesk Download Manager into the Windows Explorer.


In this post, I explained how to get Autodesk download manager. You can download it easily the first time you visit a website that uses the download manager. Also, you will get a prompt to download the Autodesk Download manager. So, even if you are unable to download the Autodesk DLM, the next time you sign in to your account at Autodesk, use the “Download Now method” as it will download and uncompress full software install files using the Autodesk Download Manager. Try it and share your experience on this website.


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