Crunchyroll Free Trial

How To Get Crunchyroll Free Trial

This article will teach you how to get Crunchyroll free trial. If you love Anime shows and would like to stream the shows free, then read on. Crunchyroll is the world’s leading anime publisher and brand that has a community of 50 million users on its database registered to create a huge community of anime enthusiasts. As of now, they have over 2 million subscribers who enjoy a 360-degree content experience streaming anime manga and dorama. In their program line up is the popular collection of Anime shows like Naruto Shippuden”, “Attack on Titan” and “Dragon Ball Super”. The company also has its own Crunchyroll Games, Crunchyroll News, and events such as Crunchyroll Expo and the Anime Awards. Crunchyroll distributes content from top media producers directly to viewers. Also, the content is translated professionally into many languages.

To advance further into the world where you can stream and enjoy anime in an unlimited way, here is how you can get Crunchyroll free trial.

How To Get Crunchyroll Free Trial

Limitations of the Service

The service availability or content is subject to geographic restrictions and the free trial is limited to 14-Days of Crunchyroll Premium plan.

Minimum System Requirements

Mac and Windows OS, and for 720p; you need Intel Pentium 4 2GHz processor (CPU),  Graphics Card (GPU) that supports Adobe Flash’s hardware acceleration., 256MB of available system memory (RAM). Learn more.

Supported Devices by Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll supports video streaming playback through Windows, Mac and Linux computers with Adobe Flash 9+ installed and a modern web browser. Also, devices running on iOS 3.1+ like the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. It also runs on Android OS 2.1+. On Roku TV set-top box, Boxee set-top box, and certain internet-enabled TVs. Besides, you can get more information, by clicking this link.

Steps you must follow to get the Crunchyroll free trial

  1. Visit the Crunchyroll .com website.
  2. And click on Try Free Premium. Then enter your email and choose a password and click on Create account
  3. Then click on the Continue Button.
  4. Next, enter your payment details. You can pay with a Credit card, iTunes or PayPal. Also, enter your card number, expiry month, year, enter your country, zip or postal code and so on.
  5. Then click on Start Free trial.
  6. Once your payment method is verified then you have the free trial for 14 days.
  7. Note that your free trial starts immediately you signup.
  8. So, to avoid being charged at the regular monthly rate of $7.99 + any applicable taxes, you have to cancel your free trial within 14 days of your free trial start date.
  9. That is how to get crunchyroll free trial.

As of now, Crunchyroll service is available for free or through a premium. The premium plan allows users to watch content that is ad-free and they have access to simulcasts of popular series that are released immediately after the Japanese broadcast. Besides, you can have a 14-day free trial of Crunchyroll premium that will let you watch all shows ad-free in HD on all available devices. Also during the trial, you can access the whole library and stream all anime and manga and drama titles.

Moreover, you will enjoy simulcasts directly from Japan as early as 1 hour after the Japanese broadcast. But to get the trial, you must enter your credit card number and have the option to cancel the trial anytime. If you fail to cancel and want to keep enjoying the shows then you will have to pay a $7.99 per month plus taxes.

Plans and prices

At Crunchyroll, it pays you to go premium and pay for one year. Below are the prices and plans.

  • 1 Month at $7.99 per month.
  • 3 Months at $22.99 This amount translates to $7.66 per month
  • 12 Months at $79.99. This amount means you pay $6.66 per month.

How to cancel your crunchyroll free trial Membership

You can cancel your membership after 24 hours of subscription. But you must do so through your type of payment method. And you must cancel during the trial period. Note that free Trials cancels immediately. While for paid subscriptions, you can disable recurrent billing on the account to keep enjoying the subscription until paid time finishes.

If you paid with a Credit Card, follow the process below to cancel the trial

  • Sign in to your account billing page to cancel the trial. You may click here if you are logged in.
  • But if you don’t see a cancel button on the account page then you are not on a premium account. In that case read Locate Membership article before you contact Support.
  • Also, if you paid for the subscriptions through other ways learn more.


In this article, I explained how to get the crunchyroll free trial. You can get it easily by going to the website and creating an account. Also, you have to subscribe to a premium plan and enter your payment information. But, you have an option to cancel the trial before it ends to avoid recurrent billing. The trial is 14 days. Enjoy your trial.


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