Scrivener License key

How to get Scrivener License key for Windows and Mac

Writing can be very challenging if you do not have the appropriate tool to aid you effectively and efficiently. Scrivener license key is a professional tool that provides users with a better and effective platform to write and organize long and complex documents.

There are so many factors like distractions, writer’s block, and so on that might affect your writing. But with this software, you will be able to eliminate the setback that might arise from using inappropriate software for your book.

The full package of Scrivener creates a complete experience for students and professionals. It consists of several tools that help to format and correct documents giving the best writing experience to users.

Scrivener has a nice and comfortable interface which makes writing very convenient and less tedious. It also suggests several ideas to come up with documents. With the Scrivener license key, you can protect your software from been copied or shared by unauthorized individuals.

Scrivener License key

Features of Scrivener

Some of the features that make Scrivener one of the most popular writing programs are;

  • Compatibility with Windows, MAC, and Android
  • Provides a tool to draft every single scene in scriptwriting
  • Full-screen editing
  • Edit multiple documents at the same time
  • Authors, writers, and editors have extensive facilities
  • Text exportation to other software
  • Outline and Adjust writings
  • Supports several documents formats
  • Text organization/ Breaking texts into easy sizes and patterns
  • Availability of multiple fonts

What are the Benefits of Getting a Scrivener License Key?

Scrivener provides so many benefits for all its users. When writing, it helps you organize and capture everything in a place. It can be compared to a binder as it lets writers brainstorm, outline, take notes without exiting the program.

Another is that you can be focused on your writing without any distractions. It has a composition mode which will take over the whole screen and allows you to focus on your project once activated.

Whatever unique style you use for your book, this program can accommodate it and assist you to deliver a perfect project.

In addition, you can set a target for yourself. This lets you keep track of your progress with a bar that changes color from red to yellow and then green.

With Scrivener License Key, you have access to a virtual corkboard which helps in brainstorming ideas.

A very powerful feature this program has is the Snapshot which lets individuals take a snapshot of their manuscript at any stage as they progress.

In conclusion, it helps to format books and upload them to any desired platform.

Software and Hardware Requirements for Scrivener

Before you install Scrivener, you need to make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements whether for Windows or MAC. You need a Windows Vista or Higher version or a MAC 10.5 or later version. A CPU of Intel Dual-Core or later and a RAM of 1 GB.

The hard disk space recommended for product installation is about 500 MB with a screen resolution of 1280 X 768 with 32-bit color.

Cost of Scrivener

This program has a 30-days free trial period. However, unlike so many trial periods, Scrivener offers 30-days of non-consecutive rather than counting after installation. That means, if you are on holiday for a week and you do not make use of the program, these days do not get counted.

Alright, what happens after I exhaust my trial period? Now you have to purchase the program. The starting price for the program is $40.84 and it is a one-time purchase. To purchase it fully, visit the official website. Choose your operating system and proceed with payment. You can also check for discount codes to make it more affordable.

How to get Scrivener License Key

To download Scrivener, visit Click on the big Click Now button and proceed. The new interface will display an icon to choose the OS you are currently using for the purchase. You can buy for MAC, Windows, IOS, or Bundles which consists of MAC and Windows.

Scrivener License Key

After making your choice, click on Buy Now to proceed. The purchasing interface will display for you to choose the quantity you want to purchase. Then input your email address and press continue. Input your country and payment details. You have now purchased the Scrivener License key. You can now start using the full version.

Scrivener license key 1

Alternatively, use the Crack method. To get it for both Windows and MAC, click this link then the next interface loads. Click the Download button and follow the following instructions. Your download will then start.

Then install the Crack after unpacking the files. Once that’s done, copy all the cracked files to install directory from the folder. If you have done this successfully, Scrivener has been activated and you can start using it.

However, the only legal way to get the Scrivener is to purchase the full rights, the second method might lead to loss of files or documents.


Finally, that is how to get the Scrivener License Key without any difficulty. You can now start creating, formatting, and exporting your documents using this powerful platform.

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