5 Ways to Get Sponsored on Instagram


It is the dream of every professional Internet marketer on Instagram to get a sponsor. However, getting a sponsor will come naturally if you take time to create an authentic brand, have something to say, know your audience, are consistent on your theme and tag prospective sponsors. Similarly, if you have been on Instagram for a while and, have cut your teeth in your niche market, then this post is for you. Today, we are going to show you how to get sponsored on Instagram.

how to get sponsored on Instagram

Therefore, here are 5 quick ways to join the rank of those who are sponsored on Instagram.

How to Get Sponsored on Instagram

In this post:

  • you must be authentic
  • know your audience
  • have something worthwhile to say
  • tag brands in your post
  • Post consistently

1. You Must Be Authentic

Firstly, who are you really? Do you show this without any pretenses on your Instagram page and posts? Do your followers know you? If yes, are you authentic or call a spade what it is? Your page can mirror who you truly are. It will show in your voice as you take up issues that concern you or that you are passionate about. Your followers are individuals that may like what you like or share your passion, and that is why they follow you.

As an influential person, be true to yourself if you are looking for how to get sponsored on Instagram. Don’t jump from one niche to another. Focus on your niche to enjoy the followership you deserve. Furthermore, you can let your voice show in all your posts but, make sure your followers’ needs come first.

If you are authentic, individuals that share your passion will flock to you. Therefore, the more loyal followers you have, the easier for you to get sponsored on Instagram.

2. You Must Know Your Audience

If you know your audience, you will know the kind of posts that resonate with them and those that won’t. Apply this strategy if you want to learn how to get sponsored on Instagram. In addition, creating posts, that you love and ignoring what your audience wants may be your undoing. You cannot feed people what they don’t want. If you do, many of them will Unfollow you.

To create a post to engage your audience, you must have a thumbnail profile of who they are. For instance, you should know their location, their age distribution, their income bracket, the kind of phones they use, whether they are male or female, and their level of education.

For example, if you know their location, whether they commute by Train or Bus, and the exact time they move about, you will enable you to craft the kind of post that suits their situation so that they read or watch it on their smart devices.

So try and get this feedback from your Followers to help you to make authentic and valuable posts that could transform their lives. You can get sponsored on Instagram this way.

Furthermore, the best part is that when you meet sponsors, you will know the exact things to tell them, because you know your audience and how to target them, on behalf of these sponsors with your posts.

3. Tag Brands in Your Post

You can start with a subtle marketing campaign that will get targeted prospective sponsors’ attention. If you post regularly, know your audience, and the kind of posts they like, you already have a brand. Therefore, it will be easy for your prospective sponsors to identify your brand or collaborate on an Instagram sponsored post with you.

For example, if you like Samsung phones, and you are targeting Samsung to sponsor your posts, get a Samsung phone and review it, and be factual about it. Next, buy one, use it and take a photo of it and post it on your page and tag Samsung.

If you continue to create interesting facts and features of this particular phone in your posts and continue tagging Samsung, after a while, they will notice you.

The only advice for you if you are just starting, is that you should start small. Tag small companies to test the waters before you take it higher to tag bigger brands.

Another advice is that you should start from the first day you created your Instagram Page to target the brands you hope would sponsor you in the future on Instagram. If you do that, you will not panic about how to get a sponsor on Instagram.

So, make sure that you tailor all your posts for the kind of sponsors you wish to have. Keep in touch with them from the start by writing compelling posts that show them in good light and tag them.

If you continue to do this, in an authentic way while you are still growing your audience, by the time you have over 1000 followers, these sponsors themselves will like to build their brand through you. Try it, it will work.

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4. Have Something Worthwhile to Say

This is one of the most important parts of creating a presence on the web. Do you truly have something to say? Be rest assured that if you do, you will not struggle to learn how to get sponsored on Instagram.

What message do you send to your teeming followers every day? What do they hope to hear from you next in your niche market? In addition, brand yourself and communicate your brand in diverse ways.

For example, build a website, Facebook page, and Instagram page that is consistent and able to attract the exact response you want from your followers. All these platforms you have on the web must speak the same message to your loyal followers.

Getting sponsored on Instagram will not be that hard for you if you crusade with whatever you are passionate about.

You should also know that all a sponsor wants is to have a brand that people notice and buy from.

5.  Post Consistently

Worrying about how to get sponsored on instagram will subside if you post consistently. By so doing, you will be fresh on the minds of your followers. But, to remain fresh in their minds, you must post at least once per day and, at the best time of the day for most of them.

You should also bear in mind the different time zones and parts of the world your followers reside. Also, you can use diverse Instagram analytics to help you manage the best time to post.

Like I said earlier, if you have taken time to know your audience, you will know whether they want you to post once, twice or three times per day. So, if you know them, give them fresh, valuable posts daily.

Mind you, one factor your sponsors will check before they make up their minds to collaborate with your brand is your consistency at posting.

How to Get Sponsored on Instagram: Conclusion

Initially, it may be hard to get sponsored on Instagram. Just continue to work on your craft. Also, show that you are different from others in your niche market. If you do, this will pay off soon. In addition, you must get an Instagram sponsor if you wish to join successful brands getting paid on Instagram.

You can send us feedback on how you get sponsored on Instagram and share this post on Social media.


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