How To Get Udemy Free Courses Legally

how to get Udemy free


Udemy is an online learning system that connects instructors and students. Teachers share their knowledge and earn money while students learn and develop skills and explore multiple options. All this is done online. There is a trial period of Udemy free which lasts for 7 days for new subscribers. You can learn courses like cartoon-drawing, English language, software testing, mobile development, and much more on Udemy.

People who want to create and share knowledge and ideas on the platform will be supported to gain insights on whichever course students will want to learn. There are so many free courses on Udemy and this increases their enrolment. This platform has recorded over 30 million learners and 50,000 educators that teach in over 60 languages.

Features of Udemy

Some of the features that Udemy has are Email campaigns, course catalogues, Videos for training, teaching hubs, discounts and coupons, quality checklists, search and discovery, partnership promotions and so much more.

One important one is that it serves as an avenue for people to earn extra income. People who use this platform to teach earn an unbelievable amount of money. They can earn several millions of dollars although it also depends on the course they teach. Programming is one of those lucrative courses.

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Benefits of Udemy free/ Paid

If you do not have money for a college education, you might consider opting for Udemy. You will learn from experts and gain knowledge. People come from over 190+ countries to make use of this wonderful platform.

If you are working already and you are in need of skills to boost your knowledge and improve your productivity, you might consider it. Udemy for Business is used to increase the skills of employees. Organizations also use it to create coursework for their company workers.

Other benefits whether you use Udemy free or paid are:

Marketing: Instructors can promote their courses and market students. Some of the ways this is possible is by using some of the above features such as email campaigns, search and discovery, partner promotions and retargeting ads.

Udemy free online marketing course
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Ads: When a student has listed and viewed a course but did not buy it, he or she will see the course advertisement on the Facebook news feed or any other sites online.

Search & discovery: Searching for courses on this platform is improving all the time.

Email campaigns: It also sends out campaigns to assists educators promote and market courses to their targeted audience.

Quality checklist: This function will let instructors know whether their courses are professional, marketable and also capable of giving students great and innovative learning experience.

Assignments: Students get to practice with the assignments from the Udemy platform. This lets them apply the knowledge and train on their own time.

Udemy’s pricing plans

Once your Udemy free ends, you can subscribe to a plan.  There are three plans you can subscribe to. First is the start and it is $1.99 per month, the second is the Basic plan and that is $4.99 every month. The last and final one is the professional and that is $9.99 monthly.

How to get Udemy free

For your 7 days Udemy free signup to start, you need to create an account there first. So go to the website and click on “start 7 days trial”. Once you click on that, you will have to enter your email and choose the reason you are there. There are many options like an instructor, student, affiliate and much more. Once you click one, you will need to validate your email account by logging in and clicking on a verification mail.

As simple as that, your Udemy free account will begin working. You can now access your dashboard and search for courses. Since you didn’t input any payment method, your trial will end abruptly. So if you want to upgrade your subscription, you should purchase a plan before it does.


That is how to get Udemy free and start your learning or teaching journey. You will also have access to some courses for free. You can use Udemy now and find out if it is the best choice for you.

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