How to have Access to AutoDesk Revit Educational Version

Autodesk offers free license of their products for students and educators. Their educational products and services remain free for one year as long as you are eligible. Since Revit is also a product of Autodesk, the software has a free educational version for those that can prove their eligibility. The education version of their products is functional and has the same features and tools just as the commercial version. Autodesk support also confirmed that the educational version of Revit is equal to the commercial version. The software is impressive and its free version helps gain the attention of future engineers and architects.

With a free functional license of Revit, they can learn the functions and workings of one of the most used BIM applications. Furthermore, they also have access to the free training offered by Autodesk which is present on their website. However, to be eligible for the educational version, you should either be an educator or a student at one of their qualified educational institution. If you have gotten the Revit educational version for free, you can begin to take some of its basic courses.

AutoDesk Revit: Overview

In 2012, Revit Technology Corporation was purchased By Autodesk at the price of $133 million. Autodesk Revit is a BIM (Building information modeling) software which lets its users design with modeling and drafting elements. It is usually used by landscape architects, constructors, plumbing engineers, and mechanical engineers. Revit is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) which allows 3D and parametric designs.

Autodesk Revit is a single file database that is capable of being shared among numerous users. With Revit, every section, plan, schedule and elevations are connected and any change to a single view, every other view will be modified too. When using this software, 3D is used to draw the base building. It is useful in the creation of walls, structure, windows, doors, roofs, and floors. Users can create drawings using 2D and 3D objects to draft and model.

Revit is a popular software that is useful in modeling drawings and bringing them to life. Engineering or Architecture students should learn the workings of the software for better knowledge.

How to have Access to AutoDesk Revit Educational Version

Students and educators have access to the free educational version of Autodesk Revit. As long as you are eligible, the version is renewable. All you have to do is go to the Autodesk website, then scroll down and click on the Get Started button at the right side of the screen. The educational benefits site should open after that action.

Input your country, education role and institution type. You will able to get this education version if your institution is eligible for it. If your institution is not eligible, you will have to purchase Revit just like everyone else. After downloading the Revit educational version, you can start using the software without paying.

Pricing of Autodesk Revit

For as long as you are eligible as a student, you will have the free access to legit. However, once your eligibility expires, you will have to choose one of Autodesk Revit subscription plans. The monthly plan for Revit is $305 and then the yearly plan is $2425 which is equivalent to $203 every month. The last plan which is the three years plan is $6550 which is $182 per month. These are the three major plans of Autodesk Revit. You can read more on the pricing here.

Benefits of AutoDesk Revit Educational Version


Revit has a function which lets teams collaborate irrespective of their time zones. Students in all disciplines can work together on a project remotely eliminating of risk of making errors. The BIM 360 design makes the software a powerful cloud based collaboration management solution.

Library of ready-made 3D models

Revit lets students save the components of their 3D project so that they can reuse it for other projects. This means when starting new projects, they can access some of the 3D models they have used before rather than starting from the scratch. This will make it faster to complete work and also increase their productivity.


With Autodesk Revit, students can model in 3D with ultimate accuracy. They can update elevation and sections as they are in the development process of a project. The automation feature of the software makes it handle repetitive task. From the conceptual phase to visualization and analysis to construction, Revit is highly efficient.

Error detection

Another benefit that students will enjoy while using Revit is that it detects the imperfections in their design early. They will be able to view the errors in their projects earlier before construction begins. They will be able to detect any risk that might arise and then try to prevent it from happening. This will help to avoid errors, save time, resources and even lives.


Revit has great features in all its versions. The conversion of 2D objects into 3D is possible and also is the conversion of 3D to 2D objects. The Revit modeling services can also update planes created to whatever the students are working on.


In summary, as long as you are a student or an educator of an accredited university, you will be eligible for Autodesk Revit version. The software empowers students and inntroduces them to various opportunities. You can use it for free for one year and then renew it once it expires if you are still eligible. Every engineering, constructing, or architect student should make use of this opportunity.

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