How to have Access to Microsoft Word Educational Version

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processor in the world. It is useful in formatting, manipulating, saving, printing, and sharing text documents. MS Word as it is popularly called is part of the Microsoft office suite. The 1.0 version of this software was first released in 1989 offering a “what you see is what you get” interface. Since then, till now, MS Word has been upgraded in term of features and functions.  It is an application that is quite popular among teachers and students. Educators and students use Microsoft Word to create hundreds of documents. This is why the app has an educational version for both student and educators. This post is going to guide you on how you can access that.

Eligibility for Microsoft Word Educational Version

Every student and teacher at an eligible university can sign up for Office 365 Education without paying a dime. Their free package will come with Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and additional services. These services include OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, Stream, Power Apps, Yammer, Exchange, Sway, Forms, Flow, and School Data Sync. All these will be available to every student and educator that is a member of any eligible institution.

How to have access to Microsoft Word educational Version

If you want to get the educational version of Microsoft Word, you need to be sure your school is eligible. Proceed by navigating to the Microsoft Office 365 official website. Once there, scroll down and input your schools email address. Make sure the email you input is correct before you proceed. After this, click on the Get Started button just below the input box.

If your verification has been confirmed, you will be able to get MS Word and other office package for free. The student subscription lasts for 4 years, after which you will have to subscribe for a package just like everyone else. Whether you graduate or not, the free education version elapses after four years. The feature you get to enjoy with this educational version is the same as one who is on paid membership.

MS Word is a valuable and powerful tool for students and educators.

Features you get with Microsoft Word Education Version

With the educational version of MS Word, you will have access to the same features as a person who is using a paid version. Even though it is free, there are lots of functions that will help you make the best of this software. Below are some of the powerful features you get access to with Microsoft Word educational version:


Microsoft Word has a feature that allows multiple students work on the same document even if they are miles apart. This feature is only available on the modern version of MS Word which you will have access to with the educational version. You can edit the same documents with your colleagues and then share it for reviews among yourselves.

Saving and printing

Another great feature is that you can create a text based document via Word and then save it for late use. That document can then be printed out. You can use printers to print out Word document in either black and white or colored. In addition, you can choose the shape or size of the paper you want to print on both sides of the paper.

Cloud and Local support

You will be able to access a version of MS Word on your computer without any internet connection. Then, you will also have another version you can access via web browser.  With the educational version of MS Word, you will be able to save files to a MS hosted cloud system or locally. Any document saved in the cloud will be accessible from any location.

Various text format and style

As a word processor, Word is useful to process text documents. The software  is useful in the preparation of documents such as student presentations, papers, reports, letters, and many more. You can change the font, color, style and size of your text using the various built in options MS Word has.


In summary, Microsoft Word educational version is available for teachers and students in an eligible university. Students can use the software without paying a dime for four years. Once four years elapses, they have to subscribe to a package plan like everyone else.

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