How to install Microsoft office 10 on Windows 10


The Microsoft office 2010 is the successor of office 2007 and the predecessor to office 2013. It was released by the microsoft systems on April 2010. This version of the Microsoft office productivity suite is available for retail and for online purchase. Microsoft 2010 is embedded with massive capabilities and updates. Below are some of the features of Microsoft office 2010.

microsoft office 2010


Features of Microsoft office 2010


Customized Ribbon:
The ribbon is part of every application of office. The ribbon was part of the features on office 2007. Indeed, the ribbon was a step and leap on the right direction. Users embraced it completely probably due to its artistic effects. On windows 2010, the ribbon is customizable. It gives room for tool bars to be customized, the tabs and tools can be regrouped as well. In addition to this, administrators can easily create, customize and distribute ribbons for users in a very simplistic manner.


Backstage view:
This is one of the documents works that done behind the scene. Love it or hate it, this feature is a big leap for Microsoft and a very pertinent addition. This feature gives room for users to have access to the options such as open, save, save as and close. In addition to this, users can view, customize and manage operations properties and versions, check for compatibility issues and crosscheck the document for meta data issues for sharing purposes.


Paste preview:
This feature is available in all the Microsoft 2010 suites. This is a live preview paste option. It allows users to hover their mouse over the clipboard and overview how their editing will look like. This is achieved by clicking paste drop-down menu from the Home-ribbon.


Office Web Apps:
The major applications in Microsoft office 2010 are now web based. Office word, excel, power point, one note, etc are all web based. They work through windows live and with share point. The outlook web app is offered through exchange 2010.


Protected view:
This feature allows documents downloaded from the internet to be protected. Documents, workbooks, presentations and outlook attachments as well as other downloaded documents are saved as read-only in the protected view sandbox. The sandbox system allows the document to be protected from malwares unless editing of the document is allowed. This feature is achieved in the same way and approach that excel handles across code for several versions.


More themes:
There is now an abundance of themes for the Microsoft 2010 version.
Consistent looks can be achieved by using the same theme across key applications like MS word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint. There were 20 built-in themes in Microsoft 2007 but the number has been increased to 40 in Microsoft office 2010.


Image cropping and inserting of screenshot in MS word:
In Microsoft office word, users can now crop images to their desired size and formats. Simply select the image, navigate to Format contextual ribbon and under the crop option, click in crop to crop the image to your desired shape.

Now, screenshots can easily be inserted into documents without the need for windows snipping tool. Microsoft office 2010 allows user to insert screenshots into documents by using the insert ribbon option.
There are many other features abounded in Microsoft office 2010,, but most of them are as regards the individual program.


Can Microsoft office 2010 work on windows 10 operating system?


microsoft office 2010
Totally affirmative! Microsoft office 2010 is listed among the versions of office that have been fully tested, confirmed and affirmed to work on windows 10 operating system.

Any system that can run office 2007 would be able to run office 2010 though users of windows 2003 are not guaranteed that windows 2010 will work.
For Microsoft office 2010 to work, the minimum requirements are a 500 MHZ processor and 256 MB Ram size.
Microsoft office 2010 requires a much greater disk space than office 2007 or office 2003.


Steps to follow in installing Microsoft office 2010 on windows 10 operating system

microsoft office 2010

Microsoft office 2010 is fully packed with softwares such as excel 2010, word 2010, outlook 2010, PowerPoint 2010, OneNote 2010, Office 2010 and others.

Office 2010 can be installed from an installation disc or by downloading from the Microsoft website.
Also, users can choose to under take custom installation where they install only some few apps of their choice.


Steps to install 32-bit (default) office 2010

1. Simply download your office file. Alternatively, you can install the file by inserting the office 2010 disc into the disc drive of the PC. The set up wizard should start automatically, but if it fails to start up you induce it by navigating to the file location to click the SETUP.EXE.

2. proceed by entering the product key. Click continue.
3. Read the license terms and click “select” to accept. Proceed by clicking “continue”.
4. Follow the subsequent prompts to instigate the installation.
5. After a successful installation, click ” Close” to end the session.


Steps to install 64-bit office 2010
You must be running 64-bit windows before installing 64-bit office. You have to uninstall any 32-bit versions of Office. In addition to this, you have to ensure that any 64-bit add-ons that you rely on are running on 64-bit else, the installation will be problematic. Below are the steps in installing office 2010 in windows 10 (64-bits).

1. At first, you should insert the office 2010 installation disc.
2. On the start bar, click “Start” and navigate to click “Computer”.
3. On the computer window screen, right-click on the disc drive indicating the office 2010 installation disc and select ” open”.
4. Cross check the installation root. Open the x64 folder and double-click “setup.exe”
5. Proceed to the installation by following the onscreen instructions. Enter the product key and select either full installation of customers installation.


Please note that if you are able to undertake a complete installation, you will not be able to remove unwanted office programs individually. To achieve this, you must uninstall office completely and then reinstall via the custom installation approach.

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