How to keep gaming laptop cool

How to Keep Gaming Laptop Cool in 2022

Is your gaming laptop overheating a lot? Are you tired of constant overheating issues while gaming? We understand it’s one of the significant problems a gamer has to go through. And at times, it can hinder your gaming performance. In this article, we will reveal some quick tricks on how to keep a gaming laptop cool.

It’s seen that excessive heating can cause damage to your internal storage and processing units, including CPU and GPU. Therefore, it’s vital to keep your machine cool during those marathons of gaming sessions.

So, let’s start!

7 Ways to Keep Your Laptop Cool

1.      Proper Placement of Gaming Laptop


Ensure the proper placement of your gaming laptop on a flat, solid surface for smooth air circulation. Because the uneven surface can block the airflow, causing the system to overheat

A gaming laptop requires adequate air circulation to maintain its internal temperature. So, make sure to place it on a flat, hard surface for seamless airflow.

For instance, if you place the laptop on the bed or lap, it can cause the blockage of air. Which overheats your device as the fan’s underside gets obstructed and cannot release a sufficient amount of heat out of the system.

Laptop stands are also recommended to keep your gaming laptop elevated. However, you can also use a box, book, or anything solid and flat beneath it.

2. Use Special Cooling Pads

cooling pads

To prevent overheating, another excellent solution is to use cooling pads. If your laptop is old and can’t keep itself cool, you can help with the cooling pads.

Cooling pads consist of two or three embedded fans to enhance the cooling process. You can connect them with your laptop using a USB port. They help in improving the cooling ability of a gaming laptop.

Place your laptop on the flat cooling pads and keep it cool throughout your gaming sessions.

3. Clean the Filters and Vents of Laptop

fans laptop

Cleaning filters and vents can help you improve your gaming laptop’s cooling system and performance. The filters and vents play a major role in air circulation. They may get blocked or clogged due to dust build-up due to dust particles in the air. Therefore, keeping your device clean is essential in cooling down your laptop.

Make sure to clean your laptop externally using a cloth as external dirt slows down the performance of fans. Also, keep it on a clean flat surface for dust-free air circulation.

Moreover, it’s recommended to open your laptop after 3 to 6 months for internal cleaning.

4. Optimize Gaming Settings

resolution gaming

Gamers love to play games at maximum setting for an enhanced experience and performance.

But, you must look into the capabilities of your graphic card. If you load your graphic card with heavy processing, then it will execute more power. Ultimately resulting in lag and overheating issues.

Each game allows the user to customize its settings. All you need is to look for the settings on the user interface. Ensure that the settings shouldn’t exceed the set limit. Keep them at a moderate level to improve the performance of your GPU and cooling system.

5. Fix Faulty Fans


Another factor that can help you know how to keep the laptop cool is the fans. Therefore, ensure to check your gaming laptop’s fans as well.

If your laptop is completely silent and produces no sound of running fans, then it means that your laptop fans are not working. Whereas, if the fans are rattling, they may be loose or faulty. Here is how you can fix them.

6. Close Unnecessary Applications

It is obvious to close the unnecessary applications while playing heavy games. Multiple applications put extra load on the GPU, draining more power and slowing down the performance.

Thus, the more power it consumes, the hotter it gets.

7. Avoid Charging While Gaming

Charging your laptop while gaming increases the temperature of the device. Therefore, it is advisable not to charge your laptops during gaming. You can instead charge your laptop before you go ahead with your gaming sessions.


Overheating leads to a laggy display, low performance, and internal damage. You must ensure that your laptop cooling system performs correctly to enjoy the best performance.

Now that you know how to keep a gaming laptop cool, start implementing these practices to keep your laptop cool.


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