How to make your Flyer in Word

How To Create A Flyer Using Microsoft Word Document

Learn how to make a flyer on Word document (like in Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 etc.) within minutes without as much as being a Graphic design expert? This tutorial can guide you to make a flyer on Word document easily.

How to make a Flyer in Word

Flyer advertising is a great way of promoting your business in a little or large piece of paper that will tell your potential client all about your business in the most attractive way. In some of our previous tutorials, we shared how to design flyer in CorelDraw but today, With this great tutorial, you will learn how to make a flyer in Word that will do just that and it can be quite a fun project. Before we begin, you can download the Microsoft Word trial version from their website ( if you don’t have it yet on your computer. This is how to make a flyer in Microsoft Word.

How to make a flyer on Word.

1. Choose A template: To begin your flyer design, you will have to think about what you prefer as your template. Microsoft Word comes with loads of customized templates that can be used as your baseline. But if you prefer working from the scratch, you can simply open up a nice clean page.

designing flyer in Microsoft Word


Remember, to make an attractive flyer, you will need it bold and colourful, so try to make an attractive mix of complementary colours and minimize on black and white colours, be creative. You can make the border, Layout, margin and preferred colours by using the dashboard above. It should be pretty easy after a few tries.

2. Place your Text:

Place your text

There are many different fonts you can use to make your flyer which also can be accessed at the top of your page. You should note that your fonts should be bold and minimize capitalizing as the use of Capital’s font are very hard to read from afar. Stay with Fonts that are bold and evenly spaced between the words so that it can be read and its message passed in a beautiful manner.

3. Create your Shapes:

How to make a Flyer in Word

Take a good look at other flyers, you will notice that it is sectional. Every aspect of your flyer will be made of a shape, this makes the act of making a great flyer a lot easier. Using shapes makes it easier to add texts where you want them to be, pictures at the perfect position as well as make it organized.

Every tool to make every shape exists on the top of your Ms-Word. There is a fill tool which will be used to add solid colours, gradients, patterns and textures to the flyer. You can add effects also and all these can be found on the top of the page.

4. Add Images:Make ready all your images before this creation, including how bright you want them to be, their contours and everything else. You can also brighten, contrast or resize your Image in the Word environment. fi you should have any problem with placing your images, change the “Wrap text” setup.

5. Add Your Logo:

Adding a logo to a flyer can be quite easy, all you need to do is simply click on the insert button and then pick a picture to insert it where you wish. You should note that logos that have a transparent background will be easier when used in making your flyer. Therefore, you will not have boxes popping up around your environment.

6. Save the project:

How to make a Flyer in Word.
To have your image in a particular position, it is often better to save the document as a PDF rather than Word. You can find this format, by picking Ms- Word and then click “Save as” ad pick “PD”. . the next would be to find the perfect printer that will give you the right blend and lovely artistry you desire your Flyer. Do make sure to save your project properly.
Making your Flyer on Word can be quite easy but will need a bit of patience and after a few tries, I am sure you will figure it out. You can get an inspiration from the sample made by one of our workers on the first attempt. Make something better and get those clients knocking at your door.
I am glad you now know how to make a flyer in Word. If you need more information, you can simply place a comment below, and we will discuss lovely ways to make your flyer a lot easier and more efficient.

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