how to manually update itunes

How to Manually Update iTunes to the Latest Version

If you have iTunes installed on your device, by default, it will notify you when it is due for an update, which can be done manually. Moreover, it doesn’t just start downloading or installing immediately, you have to choose if you want it to update it. Sometimes you may have a situation where you are unable to get the necessary updates, this may occur because of some minor issues.How to Manually Update iTunes to the Latest Version Nevertheless, in today’s article, we are going to show you how to manually update iTunes to the latest version. Do not worry, the steps are easy. If you had declined an update notification of iTunes, you can update it manually within the program itself or you can update it online.

How to Manually Update iTunes to the Latest Version

How do I update it on Mac?

We are going to show you how you can manually update iTunes on Mac to get the best and greatest version for your device. Here are the steps below.

  1. On your screen, go to the top left corner where you will find the iTunes icon and click on it.
  2. The App Store will appear, go to the third option down, and left-click it.

A new window will appear, and there will be a message that says ‘Updates are available for your computer’

how to manually update itunes-iTunes

  1. Right next on the update button, then you will see the ‘more button’ click it.

This will now break it down by the updates that are available for your device. But the one you should be interested in is the one that says iTunes with the version of the update, updates like iTunes 12.1.

Note this, if you cannot see any new version here, it simply means that your iTunes version already has the new update. A breakdown of any new features that might have been released will also be displayed to you.

  1. Install the new update by left-clicking on the update button on the right side. It depends on how large the new update is that will determine how fast it will run. An update might be 125 to 150 megabytes, so be patient. However, once it is installed you will see a rundown of the update that has already been installed in the past.

How do I update it on a Windows PC?

Now to the main focus on how to manually update itunes. Just like every other app that you have on your device, there comes a time when an update will be demanded. So you can manually update iTunes on your Windows PC by following these steps.

  1. Double click on the iTunes icon from your desktop to open iTunes. Sometimes it may not be on your desktop, but you can equally check your Start menu. Once you open it, you will see this on your screen ‘A new version of iTunes is available. Would you like to download it now?’.
  2. Sometimes you may not get this message, so you can do the following: On the help, button left click and then left click on ‘check for updates’. When you do this it will show you if a new version of iTunes is available or not.
  3. Download iTunes and left click once. Then, on your screen in the taskbar, you will notice a blue icon.
  4. Left click on the blue icon and it will bring up the Apple software update. By now It should have automatically come up on your screen.
  5. On the Apple software update, pop-up left click on ‘install 1 item.
  6. Also, When you do that you will see on the screen “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC?’, click yes.
  7. Next, iTunes will start to download. Please, you have to be patient because it will take some time. Note this; while the installing process is going on you do not need to touch your computer or try to download anything else, this will make the installation process to be successful.

How do I update iTunes online?

You can update your iTunes manually online by following these steps.

  1. Go to the Apple iTunes download website on your browser and search for it. Also, you can click this link too.

how to manually update itunes-download

  1. On the page click on ‘download now’. The download now button is blue and it is on the left side of the page to download iTunes click on it. It will automatically select the latest version for you. You do not need to enter your e-mail address.  This is not important unless you want to subscribe to Apple’s marketing e-mail lists, then you can fill it.
  2. Next, install the iTunes that you need. Also, you need to be patient until the download is complete. When it concludes, just open the download file and follow the instruction to install the iTunes on your devices.


In conclusion, we are sure that you can now update iTunes on Mac, Window PC, and online manually. This will enable your iOS devices to enjoy all the benefits of the new version. Now we can proudly say that you can manually update iTunes to the latest version on your own. Please share your experience here.


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