How To Open A Bank Account Online (GTB, FCMB, First Bank, Jaiz, Zenith, Access Bank)

open bank account online in Nigeria


Online bank account opening is now possible with all the major banks in Nigeria. Here, you will learn how to open bank account online in Nigeria without moving an inche to the bank. We will show you everything right here okay?

open bank account online in Nigeria

Account opening in Nigeria have taken a whole new era. So, quietly stick around to learn more about how you can open an account easily through your smart device comfortably.

You can now open a bank account online from the comfort of your home without having to pass through the stress of visiting the bank. This Instant account comes with a lot of advantages. You can make transfers and do normal banking functions. And apart from just a few documents (if needed), this account is opened with just internet connection and off course, your smart device.

How to Open bank account online in Nigeria with FCMB.

What you need:

  • Scanned copy of a passport photograph
  • Scanned copy of a signature
  • Scanned copy of a birth’s certificate ( for children below 15 years)

Bank account Features:

  • You do not need to have any reserved fund to keep operating your account
  • High interest on money deposited
  • Debit card features
  • Available only for Personal account openings

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How to Open the FCMB Instant online account.

  • simply, go here
  • Next, fill and submit the form as displayed on your screen
  • Agree to  the “terms and conditions
  • You will receive a notification containing your new account number instantly

Note: If you did not own a BVN number while using this service, you will have to visit the bank to do so as well as pick up your debit card. If you have not yet received your account number after using this package, call the FCMB customer care to inquire and address the issue. open bank account online fcmb

How to Open an account online with First Bank.

The FirstBank Instant savings account is quite easy to open. Simply follow the instructions listed below:

First Bank Account requirements:

  • minimum opening balance of 1000 and operating balance of N500
  • 2 passport photographs
  • Any form of identification including Student ID cards
  • A copy of Utility bills
  • Maximum cash deposit of N50,000
  • Maximum cumulative balance of N300,000
  • it can be used as a salary account
  • interest rates of 3.6%
  • no limit of withdrawals
  • Instant debit card and available for people from 18 and above

How to apply:

  • To open the account simply, download the Individual opening account form.
  • Fill out the information, then take the form and passports to any First bank branch nearest to you.

How to open a UBA Bank account online.

There are two kinds of account you can open with UBA bank online. You can either open the UBA Savings account or a UBA Diapora account

Opening the UBA Savings account.

This account involves three main processes, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Visit this page and select “UBA Account”
  • Next, fill out your personal information and then read and agree to the terms and conditions
  • You will receive an OTP via the phone number placed in the first form
  • Enter the OTP and click continue
  • Next fill in your Address and a scanned copy of your signature
  • You will receive an email or text confirming your successful account


Opening the UBA Diaspora account online.

The UBA Diaspora account are for all those outside the country of Nigeria. To open the account, simply follow these instructions carefully.

What you will need:

  • scanned copy of a valid International passport, or Drivers license or resident/work permit.
  • A Scanned copy of Proof of address (usually a recent utility bill not more than 2 months)
  • Scanned copy of Proof of source of funds
  • A Scanned copy of your signature
  • Scanned copy of referral account number

The process:

  • Visit this page and then fill out all the information on the page
  • Upload all the required documents in their designated spaces, agree to the Indemnity and click “Next
  • You will receive an One Time Password (OTP) on the phone number placed in the first form.
  • Enter the OTP and click “continue
  • Next, fill in your Address and a scanned copy of your signature
  • You will receive an email or text confirming your successful account

How to open an Account Online with Jaiz Bank

Jaiz Individual Account Opening Requirements.

  1. One passport photographs of each signatory with full face forward, indicating your full names duly signed by you at the back.
  2. Valid means of identification for each signatory e.g. International Passport, National ID Card, National Drivers License
  3. Copy of utility bill issued within the last three months. Originals will be required for sighting.
  4. Two reference forms duly completed by an individual or corporate body maintaining a current account with a bank in Nigeria. (Applicable to current account only)

Jaiz Corporate Account Opening Requirements.

  1. Copy of certificate of incorporation/Registration.
  2. Certified Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company (for corporate bodies).
  3. One recent passport size photographs of each Signatory with full face forward, indicating your full name dully signed by you at the back.
  4. Valid Means of Identification; National ID, Driver’s License, International passport e.t.c. of each signatory to the account.
  5. Form CO7 (particulars of Directors) and Form CO7a (particulars of Secretary).
  6. Form CO2 (allotment of shares).
  7. Two completed reference forms by an individual or corporate body maintaining a current account with a bank in Nigeria (for current accounts only).
  8. Residence Permit (for foreigners only).
  9. Mandate and Resolution for corporate entities is to be signed by director and secretary with company Seal.

Opening Jaiz Bank account online.

How to open a Zenith Bank account online.

If you wish to open an account online with Zenith bank, simply follow this instructions.

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To open bank account online in Nigeria just got easier. Why not take advantage of this options and minimize all visits outside your comfort zone. Take control of your banking options today.

If you need any more help, please place a comment below, let us discuss it.

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