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Processes of Porting to a desired network in Nigeria

Written by Abe Cherian

You can port to any desired network in Nigeria. I remember, few days ago while I was chatting with a client, after several talks she complained bitterly about her network provider which happened to be one of the biggest network providers in Nigeria. For some good reasons, I have decided to withhold the name of the network. If I should mention it, most subscribers on this giant network will strongly agree with me even say their ordeal with the network provider.

By and large, it may also interest us to know that we have alternative. Most alternatives Nigerians think of is by having multiple network providers (multiple lines), which the Chinese have tapped into and brought to Nigeria market phones with multiple SIM slots. Let us get back to the client’s story, I told her she could port to another network of her choice still retaining her telephone number but she downcasted as if I was saying the impossible.

This made me too quickly accelerated my words; she was so interested on it, she looked at me as if I was abstracting just to make her feel better. After walking her through the processes, Wow! She said, she never knew a thing like this ever existed. Her response was the basis for this publication. Read on; learn how to port from networks easily like porting from MTN to GLO or vice versa.

First of all, what is Network Porting? This is actually referred to as a process of moving from one particular network to another by still retaining the first network given number. In other words, mobile number portibility enables mobile phone subscribers to retain their mobile phone numbers when changing from a particular network provider to another. i.e. you basically switch your network and retain your number for instance, switching from Glo to MTN or vice versa.


Though it was introduced in Nigeria in April 2013, my experience with clients regarding this development proved it’s still relatively new to the masses; this may be as a result of lack of publicity by the network operators and Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), a body fully charged to regulate the telecommunication sector in Nigeria. Despite porting is free of charge like SIM registration, it is not actually making waves despite the poor networks.

 Procedures on How to Port From one Network to Another

  • Walk into your desired network office or mobile shop with your valid Identification card (ID)
  • Fill up a Port-in request form given to you by the network representative and sign the form for mobile number portability (MNP)
  • Note, if you don’t any valid I.D Card, alternatively, Webcam will be used to capture your details. So that should not be a hindrance for porting.

Porting to Etisalat from other networks

  • Walk into their experience centre with the requirements of valid ID Card, photocopy of the ID then you will be asked by the representative to initiate the porting process by texting ‘PORT’ to 3232. Thereafter, some personal details for porting will be requested from you, interestingly and reliably on this development, the porting process will be successful within 48 hours. Mind you, there will not be possibility to port within the period of 90 days. For details visit Etisalat Mobile Number Portibility website.

Porting to Glo from other networks

Note: All the requirements are the same, likewise the procedure. Going to the network centre with your valid ID card, filling the request form and sending the code ‘PORT’ to 3232 is the same procedure.  Also keep using the SIM card pending when you receive the next SMS. Also Beware that once you receive the second SMS, your old SIM will automatically seize to work. Remove the SIM and insert the newly given SIM card and continue to enjoy your new network.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before embarking on MNP, please remember to backup your contacts and other vital information on your SIM, because this may go with your old SIM card.

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