How To Recharge GOTV Using Mobile Phone

how to recharge gotv using mobile phone Here is how to recharge GOTV using mobile phone easily in 3 Minutes.

The easiest way to recharge your GOTV monthly subscription is by using your mobile phone. These days, almost everything can be done with your cell phone. I remember in those days, decoder subscription can only be done in their offices and dealer outlets. Everything has changed now for good. You can now recharge your decoder such as GOTV with just your mobile phone.

Are you finding it difficult to recharge or renew your subscription on GOTV? If yes, then you are on the right page. Here in this post, you will be shown the easiest ways to pay for your GOTV subscription with just your phone. While going through this guide, if you encounter an issue, kindly place a comment below okay? Now someone asks me this question a few days ago; how can I subscribe GOTV with my phone?

How to Recharge GOTV using a mobile phone.

  1. Check the bottom of your GOTV decoder for your IUC number. Your IUC number is that big 10-digit number printed in a red sticker.
  2. Now with your phone, go to https://www.quickteller.com/gotv
  3. Select the packages of your choice (GoTV Lite, GoTV Value, GoTV Plus, GoTV Mobile Access or GoTV Max) and the amount. You can check here for the various GoTV packages and its channels for more details.How to Rechage GOTV using Mobile Phone
  4. Enter the IUC number earlier noted from the bottom of your decoder. The GoTV IUC Number is usually a 10-digit number at the bottom of the decoder. GOTV IUC Number
  5. Enter your Email Address (You can create a Gmail Account if you don’t have any)
  6. Provide your mobile phone number in the box
  7. Click the green “Continue” button
  8. When the confirmation screen shows up, click on “Pay

Congratulations! you now know how to pay GoTV subscription with your phone.

That aside, do you know you can also do your GoTv subscription through bank USSD codes? Well, I don’t think you know how to go about it. Am I correct? Do not worry, I will walk you through the process of renewing your GOTV plan using the following steps.

GTBank GoTV payment code.

The process involved to subscribe your GOTV decoder via GTBank USSD code is not difficult at all. Just dial the USSD code: *737*37*AMOUNT*GOTV IUC NUMBER#.

Ensure you specify the amount correctly and your Decoder IUC number printed at the back of the GoTV decoder before you press the SEND button. Alternatively, you can use the GTB mobile app platform to either renew or recharge your plan.

GTBank GoTV payment code

First Bank GoTV payment code.

If you have a bank account with First Bank, I will show you how to subscribe GoTV with First Bank shortcode (USSD). The process is just for you to grab your mobile phone and dial: *894*AMOUNT*IUC NUMBER#. Remember, if you experience any issue while using this First Bank GoTV USSD code, without delay, quickly contact First Bank customer care for immediate support.

I suppose you now know how to recharge GoTV using mobile phone and bank USSD code. If you need more help, there’s a comment box down here for you to leave any question you might have or contact GoTV customer care and you’ll get a response in a jiffy.

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GoTV Cheat Code – Is there anything of such?

There has been a lot of questions on the internet on how to watch GoTV free. Do you think such a thing like GoTV subscription cheat code really exists? Do not worry. In case you need some of these GoTV tricks right in your email box, kindly share this post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Then, leave your comment below this post and ensure you fill out the full name and email space too.

Good luck!

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  1. How can I get Gotv subscription cheat codw

    1. happiness chidimma says:

      can I make my payment using zenith bank account for my gotv

    2. First, share this post either on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the buttons below. When we confirm you actually shared it, we will respond. Good luck.

  2. Michael Onazi says:

    If there’s anything like GoTv cheat codes…. I need them… My email is filled below I will really appreciate

  3. happiness Chidimma says:

    what z my card no and how can I find my card no

    what is my card no and how can I find it

      1. happiness Chidimma says:

        is not iuc no I mean card no

      2. Obinwa Bibian says:

        How do i recharge my Gotv with diamond/access account


    I am unable to load gotv through first bank

  5. Gabriella says:

    How can you subscribe for someone else using your phone??

    1. Follow the same procedure but use their GoTV decoder IUC number instead of your own.

  6. Isaac Aisa says:

    I am trying to subscribe now through the GTbank USSD code, but it’s tells me retrieving Smart Card Number for the IUC, what do I do now?

    1. You’ll need to hold on a bit for the next message. Alternatively, you can use other methods of renewing your GoTV. Example, through the GTBank mobile app.


    initially my spouse’s phone number was used to register our Gotv. Put now l need to change it to my own phone number to enable me to be making easy payment with my phone. I wish you can make it snapy. Thanks.

  8. Dele Bakre says:

    Can I pay via UBA acct?

      1. How,because have been trying to subscribe with my phone using my uba account but its not working.

  9. I try to use first Bank ussd code to recharge my GOtv but am being asked recipient bank, how do I know recipient bank?

  10. How can I recharge with my first bank account

  11. Destiny pincode says:

    how can I subscribe my gotv using my diamond bank account?

  12. Airende Joseph says:

    Can I make payment using my mobile phone on Sundays?

  13. Fatogun kenny says:

    What does recipient bank mean (because l don’t have an account with those listed banks) and what is the way out?.

  14. Fatogun kenny says:

    Using first Bank 894 code what is the meaning of recipient bank when i don’t have an account with the listed banks and network what shall I do?

  15. Umukoro japheth says:

    What is the first bank customer care numbers. To contact the bank

  16. Beatrice Nwachukwu says:

    It is not working, I try the GT bank subscription method, it didn’t work

  17. I want to know how to watch GoTv for free

  18. Sylvester Ayodele Ajayi says:

    Can I recharge my gotv by loading airtime on my mobile phone and transfer it? If so I need the code to do so

    1. I don’t think is possible to recharge your Gotv with airtime for now

  19. Thanks for the article, I’ve gotten the GoTV first bank USSD code

  20. UGONNA OJI says:

    Please, I bought GoTV Decoder at Ariaria Market and after one month free/grace period, I had difficulty recharging. I got to a point/field where I was asked about my surname. I tried all my names to no avail. I then called one Kevin that sold it to me for assistance. His response was not expected from someone representing your Company. He ended up telling me to request for his bank details for a transfer to enable him do that for me and that I should not call his line again for that.
    Please, tell me what to do without having to do anything with this guy.

    1. I face this kind of issue when I bought my Gotv decoder too. There was a website a friend of mind directed me to and they help me to downgrade it after I make Gotv plus subscription on there website all for free.

      1. help me to start up a business with recharging of gotv to ppl

  21. Lawalyahaya says:

    How much can I recharge my gotv?

  22. *894*amt*iuc# is not working at all.

  23. I tried using first bank ussd code to subscribe but they are asking for a recipient bank. So which do I chose?

  24. onuoha philomina says:

    I recharge my Gotv yesterday with zenith bank, and since then ,it has not show. my iuc no is 7032061350

  25. Izunna Solomon says:

    Please can I use Union Bank for subscription

  26. Perpetual says:

    I tried to subscribe my Gotv through first bank but I was asked to select recipient bank please which bank should I select?

  27. I have made payment through my Mobile App GTWorld and it was successfully, how do I reset the stations

    1. Achor Friday says:

      Am using first Bank I try to subscribe my gotv with short code but not successful I want Chart code as well

  28. Obinwa Bibian says:

    How do i recharge my Gotv with diamond/access account

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