How to Sell on Jiji Nigeria

Just a few years ago, buying and selling generally is a major issue for most Nigerians. To sell or buy an item like phone, you’ll have to travel a long distance to computer village (for Lagosians) to sell your gadgets. Since the intervention of online shopping marketplace like Jiji ng, the stress of buying and selling has been eradicated.

Jiji ng (Jiji Nigeria) is one of the largest Nigerian shopping marketplaces where sellers would list their items while buyers can browse through the categories to make purchases. You can find virtually everything on From jobs to services, Cars to phones and electronics. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your house to shop.

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Now, how do I conveniently sell my items on Jiji website? To sell Items on this online marketplace, all you need it the picture of what you want to sell, the description and your contacts such as your phone number. To sell on Jiji, follow the step by step procedure

How to Sell Your Items on Jiji ng

1. Visit Their Official Website at

Use any device that has internet connection like your phone or computer to visit their official website;

how to sell on jiji ng2. Create an Account

At the top right corner of the site, find and click the Registration link. You can just “sign in”  if you already have an account with Jiji ng.

how to sell on jiji nigeria

3. Fill The Registration Form

The form is of two types, you can either register using any of the available social media platforms like Facebook or manually fill the form and click Click On “Register”. Ensure your inputted phone number is correct else customers will have issues reaching you via phone, okay?

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4. Confirm Your E-mail Address

If you use the form, you’ll be required to confirm your e-mail address ownership. To do this, go to your email box and click the confirmation link sent to you. You won’t be required to confirm your e-mail if you use the social media link to sign up.

confirm your email address on jiji

5. Upload A Profile Picture

Click the profile picture icon on the left-hand side of your dashboard to upload a picture of yourself. Make sure the picture is clear and it shows your face. For better results, don’t upload an icon or anything else that’s never your real face.

How to sell on jiji - Upload your profile picture

6. Click On “Post Free Ad”

Click on the “Post Free Ad” button. You can find this link almost everywhere on the dashboard. Use the link (Post Free Ad) in the middle of the dashboard.

Click on post free ad

7. Choose A Category

Where does your ad belong to? Is it in Fashion, Animals, Electronics etc. Choose the category it belongs. Once you choose or assign the category to the advert you’re about posting on Jiji, other options will show up. Example; the Advert title, Description, Price etc. Ensure you fill it out promptly then let’s move on to the next phase.

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8. Upload The Product Image

Remember the saying “pictures speak more than a thousand word”. It’s true! Product images are very important. Upload as many as Jiji allows you. The product image must be the original image of what you’re about selling. Don’t go online to download pictures. You mustn’t buy a digital camera to capture the products. The pictures can be taken with your mobile phone.

Jiji Nigeria: Upload product image

9. Choose Your Location

The next thing is for you to choose your location where you’re posting the ad from. For instance, If you’re from Maryland in Lagos, type “Maryland Lagos” and then choose from the list.

Choose your location

10. Click On “Post Free Ad”

This is the final step of this tutorial. Ensure to cross-check what you’ve entered carefully. If everything is correctly entered, Click The “Post Free Ads” button to publish your ad. You ads will have to undergo moderation by the Jiji staff. If it passes, your ads will be live in less than an hour.

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Publish your ad

Congratulations! You now know how to sell on Jiji. The steps weren’t difficult; was it?

If you find this tutorial useful, kindly leave your comment telling me how you felt. Remember to share it with your friends.

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