How to set Chrome as Default Browser on Windows 10

Chrome is a cross-platform free internet browser officially developed by Google. Also, it has an open source program for getting swift access into the World Wide Web and most web-based applications work on it as extensions. Furthermore, the Chrome browser comes with a lot of advanced features such as tabbed browsing and various accounts synchronization. So, switching from Windows 8 to Windows 10 operating system on your PC can come with some challenges, like learning how to set chrome as default browser. A lot of people may find it hard to master new options the advanced operating system usually comes with due to the updates on it.

how to set chrome as default browser

For example, when you upgrade from Windows 8 to 10, you’ll notice that Microsoft Edge is still the default browser. Which brings us to the topic of this post on how to set chrome as default browser on your Windows PC.  In this post, we will show you how you can set Chrome as the default browser with ease on your windows pc. Let us start now.

How to set Chrome as default browser on Windows 10

Your default browser is one that opens when you want to log on or view a link that goes straight to your mail, but in this software, you can change or set chrome as the default browser on Windows 10 or any other third party browser.  So, here is how to set chrome as default browser on Windows 10.

how to set chrome as default browser-Start menu

  1. Search for the “Start Menu” on your computer. It will not be hard to find. However, you can get it from the settings.

how to set chrome as default browser-Settings


  1. Then you move ahead to “select your system”. This always has features listed on it like display, notifications, apps, and power.

how to set chrome as default browser-your system

  1. After you do that, you can open your default apps on the left side of your screen.

how to set chrome as default browser-default apps

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  1. Then, you can search for “web browser”, and click on Microsoft edge. In addition, if you see another default browser, you will see that icon under “web browser” also.

default apps

  1. So, go on and pick the browser of your choice, under “choose an app”. However, in this case, you will then select Google Chrome.

choose an app

Furthermore, after you make this selection, the browser you picked is then put in the list of Default apps – “web browser”.



In conclusion, you now know how to set Chrome as default browser in Windows 10. Furthermore, anytime you wish to change this browser to another one, just retrace these steps. It is as easy as pie. Let us go through the steps again in a quick summary. Find your start menu, next find your settings and then select your system and open your default apps. In addition, find “web browser” for Microsoft edge and pick the browser you like from the list displayed the on choose apps interface, and finally select google chrome.


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