Sign Out of GMail Automatically

How to Sign Out of Gmail Automatically

There are urgent instances where you log into your Gmail account and forget to log out on a friend, family, or colleague device. Do not ignore this as your private files and emails can be exposed to other people. Your Google account won’t be protected. Hence, it would be vulnerable to malicious entry by unauthorized individuals. If you own an account with Google, then it is important that you know how to sign out of your Gmail automatically.

When your Gmail is exposed, there are so many accounts that are at risk too. Your Google docs, youtube, search history, and every other information that is part of your account. You automatically log into Google services when you log into accounts via chrome. You risk exposure of passwords, bookmarks, and others if you do not logout from devices you log into. However, there are so many ways around this and you can log out of all these devices at once remotely.

How to automatically sign out from Gmail
Automatically signing out of Gmail

Ways to automatically sign out of Google

Have you logged into your Gmail using different devices and you are worried that your files are exposed and other people have access to it? Well, worry no more as there are ways you can close your account from several devices at the same time even if you are not currently holding the device. Below are so many ways you can log out of your Gmail account automatically from numerous devices.

Signing out of Gmail automatically via a private window

This is one way to avoid the constant worry of your account being exposed to strangers. This is a preventive measure against being in that situation. If you need to log into your account on another person’s phone or computer, then you need to use the incognito mode.

The incognito mode on chrome is a private browsing mode that will log out of any account as soon as you close the windows. That is, once you log in via this mode and perform any task, as soon as you close it with the X button on the top of the window, you will automatically sign out from Gmail.

To access this mode, click on the three dots on the upper right and choose New incognito window. Or simply use this shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N. However if you are using Mozilla, click on the three vertical straight lines, then a drop-down menu will appear, and you can choose New Private Window.

Signing out of Gmail using two steps verification

To use this method, you need to set up the verification feature in your Gmail. With this, you cannot access your account just by entering a password. You will have to choose your phone as a second sign in step. To do this, follow this path: Security > 2-step verification.

Anytime you want to enter your Gmail account from a strange device, you get a prompt on your phone. Google will send the prompt and inform you of the device and its location. To complete the verification, input a 6 digit code sent on your phone. When logging in, do not check the box with “Don’t ask again on this computer” label. With this feature, anytime an intruder is trying to sign in to your Gmail, you will get an alert.

Signing out of Gmail by logging out of all sessions

This is one of the easiest ways you can automatically sign out from your Gmail. If you want to log out and the device is out of your reach, all you need to do is log into your account from a system. Then scroll down to the bottom of the window. Right there, you will see the Last account activity, click on details and the next window will load. Once it has finish loading, select “Sign out all other Gmail web sessions”. With this, you will sing out of every past device.

Signing out automatically via Chrome extension

This is the final method you can use to sign out of your Gmail account automatically. With this, you will need to add the Auto Logout chrome extension to your browser window. Once you log in and then sign out, it will sign out automatically so that you will need to input your password when next you want to access the account.

You can add this extension on Chrome. First, open a new tab on a PC and then click on the app’s icon on the upper left side.

automatically sign out from Gmail
Signing out of Gmail automatically

Then click on Web store and search for auto-logout. Select the extension and then click on Add to Chrome. Once you have done this, you now have the extension in your browser.

Just to be sure, you can view it by clicking on the three dots on the right side of Chrome and go to more tools. You should see it once you are there and now you can either enable or disable it.


These are the ways you can automatically sign out of Gmail even if the devices are not within your reach. Therefore, there is no need to worry about unauthorized access to your private files and documents.


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