How to Use A Lyrics Generator? Top 10 Lyrics Generators

We know how hard it is to pen down your emotions with a rhyming tone and it’s great to listen to words. You may have the unmatchable talent to imagine beautiful themes and lyrics for your songs. But, it can be a flop if you are not a natural wordsmith. That’s why we brought up the top 10 lyrics generator for you to hit the charts with your talent and little help. So, let’s start!

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Why To Use Lyrics Generator?

Although it is clear that the lyrics generator could be used to create a song when you can’t think of lyrics. But, it has greater benefits too. You can use a lyric generator not only to create lyrics but to decide the actual theme and flow of the song. 

Many lyric generators allow you to choose the genre, theme, emotion, and lyric length to get the perfect song. More to that is you can improve the lyrics of your self-written songs with a lyric generator.

How To Use A Lyrics Generator?

Different lyric generators give different options. Here’s how to operate a typical lyrics generator.

Step # 1

Choose the genre of your song. For example, rap, pop, country, classic, etc.

Step # 2 

Choose the theme of your song. For example, romantic, motivational, feminist, disco, etc.

Step # 3

Choose the emotion of your lyrics. For example, happy, sad, funky, depressed, etc.

Step # 4

Now, choose the length of your song, stanza, or each lyric as per the options given by your lyric generator.

Step # 5

Click the Generate Lyrics button, wait for a few seconds or minutes, and get your lyrics.

Top 10 Lyrics Generator has a compatible lyric generator page along with its 39 other cool pages. It is simple to use and creates lyrics in just 10 seconds or less. is an AI lyrics generator. It is designed to create unique lyrics on each click. can create lyrics that never existed before with one click. All you have to do is to click “Generate Lyrics” and get the song. 

If you are more into rap songs, DeepBeat Song Lyric Generator is the one for you. DeepBeat Lyric Generator is an AI tool specifically designed for generating outstanding raps. You can use the Lyric generator to fill up the left-out lines or create the whole song. 

The song can be as specific and customized as you want by clicking the “ Suggest (Rhyming) Line”. It is free to use and allows you to share your lyrics directly to social media platforms as well.

Here comes another outstanding rap song generator. is an online service that generates creative rap songs for specific themes. The best part is that it is an online community of rappers and lyricists making it more reliable. 

It is easy to operate as you only have to write a word of your choice in the bar and click on “Write me a song”. The generator will provide you with the whole song in a few seconds. Moreover, you can choose as many lyrics as you want because there is no limit to the lyrics.

Soly Song Lyric Generator stands out from the rest as it doesn’t randomly choose lyrics and create a song. In fact, it allows the lyrics to be converted into an lcr file from a txt file. You can easily download the generated file by one click. Soly Song Lyric Generator is a handy tool that allows you to listen and practice the song at once. It is an online as well as an offline app.

These Lyrics Do Not Exist is one of the simplest yet the best lyric generators. It is very easy to use and has multiple options for lyrics. You can create a very specific song by choosing the emotion, genre, and topic of the song. Once all the required options are selected, click the “Generate My lyrics” button and you are all done. The download of the song is free as well.

Masterpiece Generator as suggested by its name is a masterpiece for generating lyrics. The masterpiece generator allows you to generate poems, plots, and rap songs as well. It provides you with the maximum options of choosing the genre, emotion, and topic of a song. More to that, it can create a song in the style of your favorite artist for you. is an online lyrics generator. It can generate lyrics for songs of all genres amazingly. However, you cannot choose the theme or write your own lyrics in between. is not an AI lyrics generator but creates impressive lyrics for all genres. You can shuffle the lyrics for some extra ideas.

Anticulture song Lyric generator is an AI-based online service to create random lyrics. You can get inspiration for your lyrics and add your own lyrics as well. Although you can’t add the theme, genre, or topic of the song, it still works pretty well.

Write Songs Lite is much more than a song generator. It allows you to create very specific lyrics, shuffle them, and has a rhythmic dictionary. It also offers a complete map for your songs from intro, verse, chorus to outros.

Mathi Gatti is a free AI-based online lyrics generator. It creates random yet unique lyrics for you. Also, it is highly accessible, avoids repetition in lyrics, and can generate an overall song in 2 to 3 minutes.

Final Words

Sometimes it can be hard to put your passion into words but no worries as lyric Generators are here for the rescue. There are different features of every lyric generator, free or paid. Choose the one that perfectly fits your need and idea of the song.

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