SERP Checker

How to Use SERP Checker: An Easy Guide for Any Domain

The best tool you can use to see your website’s rating and reputation according to Google is to use a white label SERP checker. SERP is the Search Engine Results Page, and you have to be interested in being on the first (or at least the first 10) page. Proper analysis will show you where your SEO is wrong and how to fix the situation.

You can also spy on your SEO competitor with a SERP checker tool (with no harm to them, of course). This will provide another set of data for comparison and effective analysis. You should never underestimate the importance of information and knowledge.

When looking for such software, consider the SpySERP tool at It offers all necessary features, including local analysis, best keyword search, etc. Read the whole page and you’ll get a chance for a free 7-day trial!

SERP Checker

Let’s see how to use the tool to get the best results.

Guide on Using a SERP Checker Online

The actual steps depend on the checker you use. The SpySERP one is suitable for anyone, no matter beginner or pro. Depending on your level, choose a tool that won’t be too difficult yet will provide sufficient data.

Here’s how you should use a SERP position checker:

  1. Find one with a good review base and enough features for your domain and analysis needs;
  2. Choose a Google region you want to check for local data (it’s more precise in showing you where to make an emphasis when promoting). If the location isn’t important, leave it at;
  3. Write the name of your domain or another one you want to analyze. Don’t include the http://www. part;
  4. Write up to 10 (or up to the limit your checker has) keywords you want to see the rank of your domain for;
  5. Wait for the analysis. The time depends on the checker and if it’s a busy hour. But usually, you have to wait for a minute or so;
  6. Get the results, analyze them, check your competitors. If they are better, look into their projects and see what you may have missed.

Making Sure the Search Is Clear

When using SpySERP or another checker, keep in mind that results are often personalized, so the same search on different devices may give you an analysis that slightly differs.

To avoid such changes and make sure you get proper information, here are some tips:

  • If you have a Google account on the device, sign out of it (make sure you remember the password, though);
  • Clear cache and cookies completely (keep in mind this may delete all saved login data);
  • To restart the browser, close it for up to a minute and open it again. This will also clear the info from the last session;
  • If possible, use a VPS or a proxy connection.

Benefit from a precise search that will let you know which keywords and locations work best, where your competitors are on the Google rank, etc.

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