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How To Use Venmo App To Pay

How to transfer funds using the Venmo Mobile app
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Do you know how to use Venmo to pay someone abroad? Do you know that the Venmo app can be an added advantage to your international banking needs? Do read on to find out why.

how to use venmo to pay

How to transfer funds using the Venmo Mobile app

The Venmo Mobile app is an added advantage to all your banking needs. It is a solid payment solution anywhere you see the PayPal button. PayPal was created by Venmo and is used for making all your PayPal transactions.

Venmo is available for use in the United States and is only compatible with USA bank accounts.

Features/ Benefits of using the Venmo Mobile app

  • Quick transfer of funds: You quickly transfer funds via the Venmo app to your PayPal account in real time and quite faster.
  • Funds transactions: You can pay all your debts online, or transfer funds quickly through the Venmo account directly from your bank account.
  • Connect with People: You can also share transactions, initiate a conversation, send a gift card all through your Venmo Mobile app

How to Signup

Using the Venmo app is very easy. You can sign up easily with or without a PayPal account just by following these simple and easy steps:

  • Download the Venmo app from your iOS and Android device from these urls below ( Windows devices are not supported on the Venmo Mobile app:
  • Launch the Venmo app and choose your preferred sign up method
  • Next, create your secure password ( between 8 digits and 32 characters long)
  • Verify your phone number and email address
  • Next, add and verify your bank account

***You can also sign up directly from your desktop by clicking here.

How to transfer funds using your Bank Account

Following a successful sign-up process, you can now proceed to create an addition to bank accounts. This is done in two easy steps:

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Step one: Add your bank account

To add your bank account, click on the link and select “Link bank account“. Then follow the instructions listed below:

  1. Select the icon in the upper left-hand corner of the app
  2. Next, Navigate and select “Banks & Cards”
  3. Finally, “Link Bank Account” and follow the instructions

*** Instructions differ from bank to bank and you may be asked to add your online banking “username and password“. Other banks may require the addition of your bank account and routing number manually.

Please also note, if you are opted to add accounts manually, do not enter as it appears normally. Ensure to follow the instructions set on the screen correctly to ensure that all transactions are done properly. Venmo cannot be held responsible for transfers as a result of incorrect bank credentials.

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Step two Depositing into your Venmo bank account

Once your account is verified, you can proceed to transfer funds via the Venmo app. You can do so directly from your bank account using your laptop or by using the app. To transfer through your desktop, go to Venmo website and follow the instructions

To transfer through the app:

  • Click the “” icon in the upper left corner of the app
  • Select the “Transfer to Bank” button
  • Enter the amount you would like to transfer to your bank and tap the blue “Transfer” button
  • Finally, select the “Confirm Transfer to Bank” button

As a client with PayPal, Venmo is a must have as it increases and enhances your PayPal experience. Do ensure to work smarter and better by taking advantage of this application. You can as well see other money transfer apps for sending and receiving money aside Venmo.

If you need any more instructions, kindly place a comment below.

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