how to view your federal student loans

How to View Your Federal Student Loans

Are you aware that even if you know how to view your Federal Student Loans, that you cannot do so unless you have completed the application process?  Yes, you must follow the laid down procedure to the latter. So, filling an application form is the first step you have to take to begin the student loan application process. 

Therefore, to help you do the right thing, we have put together in this article, the information you will need. Let us start the guide now.

How to View Your Federal Student Loans

How can I view my Federal Student Loan?

Before we start highlighting the process for viewing your student loan, let us refresh your memory about what a federal student loan is. Although there are two types of student loans, we have the federal student loan and the private student loan. However, in today’s article, our major focus is on the federal student loan.

What is a Federal Student loan?

A federal student loan is the type of loan that the federal government gives to students in the United States of America. This is quite different from private student loans given by private individuals (lenders) or private institutions.

Also, you should note that the loans students get from the federal government and private student loans are the two main types of loans that are available for you to take as a student.

Furthermore, Financial aid is the money that will help you pay for tuition and other expenses while you attend college. However, you should also note that there are different types of financial aid.

Types of financial aid

There are only three types of financial aid when it concerns federal student loan namely:

  • Grants: A Grant is a financial aid that is not repayable.
  • Work-study: A work-study is a program that enables you to earn money that will help you pay for your school bills.
  • Loans: A loan is money you borrowed for the purpose of paying your school bills. It always attracts interest when paying back.

How do you know whether you can get financial aid?

Getting financial aid means you are eligible. However, you can only get financial aid if you are eligible or qualified for it. Let us see the simple criteria you must meet to qualify for a federal student loan.

Here is a list that will guide you.

  • First, you must have financial needs and equally enroll in an eligible degree at your career school.
  • Secondly, you must be a citizen of the United States of America. However, if you are not, you must have your green card which signifies that you are a permanent resident alien.
  • Finally, you must not have a criminal record.

After you meet the eligibility criteria, there are still some steps you need to follow to get started for financial aid.

Steps to follow to apply for a financial aid

  1. Signing up for financial aid: When you sign up for financial aid, you will have an FSA ID and password. FSA ID is your username.
  2. Fill and submit your FAFSA form: This form is available online. The form also contains a step by step guide for completing it.
  3. Accept your aid only if you have reviewed it: A list of the type of aid you are eligible for will be sent to you after you have submitted the form. Please don’t forget that you should only borrow what you need.

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Reasons for viewing your federal student loans

I will list a few common reasons why you may want to view your loan. I should also state that although there are many reasons, it depends on individual needs. Here are three reasons:

  • To change your Password
  • In order to check the exact amount of money you owe
  • And, to make payment.

Steps for viewing your federal student loans

If you wish to know how to view your federal student loans, follow this simple process. Let us state categorically that you can only view Federal student loans online.

  • The first step is for you to know the Website where you submitted your application
  • Then, you will have to enter the website address on your browser
  • This will open the website for you to log in
  • Furthermore, you should fill in the necessary details; like your username and password.
  • Lastly, your federal student loans home page will be displayed on your screen.

Please note that the username and the password you enter on this website is the one you used in completing your application on the Federal Student Form.

Summary of the Whole Process

Now, you know that they are two types of federal student loans, and what financial aid means. Also, you have learned that there are three types of financial aid. Furthermore, we showed you how to know whether you can get financial aid and the steps to follow to get you ready for financial aid.

Next, let us restate the reasons for viewing your federal student loans. We told you earlier that there are three reasons for wishing to view your federal student loan. And they include changing your password, to find out the exact amount that you owe the government and when you wish to make a payment of the loan.

Finally, to view your student loan,  just visit the website where you made the loan application with your details and your loan page will display.

So, now let us look at how you can make a repayment.

How you can make repayment of your Federal student loan

Anytime you wish to make a payment, it is simple. All you need to do is to make payment directly to your loan servicer. Who is a loan servicer? Your loan servicer is the financial institution or company that handles all the bills regarding your student loan.

Therefore, to know who your loan servicer is, get it by checking your account in my federal student aid option. It is as simple as that.


In conclusion, a federal student loan is a government loan to students only. Also, you must repay this loan. So, you now know the three main reasons why students view their student loans. In addition, you also know how to view your federal student loans by using your username and password and how to login to the website where you started the application for the student loan.

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