How to withdraw money from ATM

How To Withdraw Money from ATM Machine

To withdraw money from ATM machines is very easy especially if it is your first time. In this guide, you will learn how to withdraw money from an ATM with or without a debit card.

All around us, we have different technological equipment which makes life so much easier. But when you do have a limited awareness of its use, you will not be able to enjoy the full extent of its functionalities. Therefore, in this lovely article, we will be giving you tidbits into how you can withdraw funds from an ATM.

Withdrawing money from ATM machine
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The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is one of the first pioneer banking technological platforms that allow you to maximize your banking needs without visiting the bank. An ATM Machine can make all your withdrawals and deposits worthwhile, especially when used to the maximum. ATM provides a simple and convenient way to get full control of your bank account from just about anywhere and this control platform will be properly explained below.

What goes into (or swiped by) the ATM Machine

When you wish to withdraw from ATM Machine, you will need to use a debit or credit card. Debit cards are even more popular than the use of Credit Cards. This is due to the huge interests and fees that can be gained by using the credit card.  This is because your credit card does not utilize the funds in your bank account but funds from your financial institution until you can pay back.

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Basic Safety Procedures when using the ATM Machine

Before you decide to use the ATM, you should be made aware that withdrawing cash or doing other money transactions can attract the eyes of many others including unwanted events. You are more susceptible to robberies, therefore, there are safety procedures you must bear in mind:

  • Be on your guard and completely aware of your surroundings and those around you for any suspicious activities
  • Use an ATM only in well-trafficked, well lit and secured areas
  • Take a good look at the Machine before use. Some people have been known to unconsciously insert their cards into a disguised card skimmer instead of the real Machine. This card skimmers will get your personal financial information which may be used for fraudulent activities. If something looks off about the ATM Machine, then find another machine.
  • When using the ATM Machine, ensure that there are no prying eyes who might be after your personal information. Therefore, ensure you are completely covering your transactions and ATM PIN.
  • Be aware of cameras on the Machine, especially those that may seem focused on the digit pad instead of your face. Such cameras might not have been placed by the bank, but by criminals who wish to get a hold of your personal financial information. If possible, cover the top of the digital pad with your hand while punching the numbers.

Other Conditions when using the ATM Machine

Depending on the country and location of the ATM, you might attract a small fee for using the ATM Machine. This is even more possible if you are using a different ATM Machine apart from your bank ATM. Another way is making withdrawals from a different country.

In addition, some functions may not be available to you when you make withdrawals from a different ATM than the ATM owned by your bank.

Also, be careful of the limits that may be imposed on your bank account with regards to withdrawals.  You can have limits from $300 to $1000 but this may be quite different depending on your country banking procedures.

Now that you are aware of the security concerns, it is time to begin using the machine. This procedure may seem a bit difficult at first, but it is straightforward. Take your time and you will enjoy it soon. So here we go:

Note: I know many of you might want to know; how to insert ATM card correctly or asking questions like; which side of ATM to insert into the Machine. Actually, the side of the ATM card having the golden chip should face up when inserting it into the machine.

How to Withdraw Money from ATM Machines.

  1. Insert your card into the ATM Machine: As said earlier, this may be your credit or debit card.

    Inserting ATM card into the ATM Machine
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  2. The next step is to select your language: Depending on the kind of ATM and location, you might have as little as three languages to make a pick from. Your language choice will be used during your transaction.
  3. Next, Enter Your PIN: the PIN is an acronym for “ personal identification number”. This unique number is central to your entire ATM Machine transaction. It is a 4-digit password that gives you access to your bank account. Therefore, guard it with caution. Ensure that it is only stored within the recesses of your brain and nowhere else. And now, place your PIN into the digital pad.

    How To Withdraw Money from ATM Machine
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  4. The next step is to click or select “Withdraw Money”. After this, you may be presented with different options of withdrawals. You may have options such as Fast Cash or Targeted Withdrawal.
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    Fast Cash means you can quickly withdraw the set amount as written on the desired machine. Targeted withdrawal refers to withdrawals made to the specific amount you wish to get at the moment.

    Please note: In some countries, you may be required to provide more details like your account type ( Savings or Checking account). Click on the appropriate and proceed to pick between the options of Fast Cash or Targeted Withdrawal.

  5. Once you are done withdrawing cash from the ATM, do not forget to collect your card and the money before leaving. For some machines where you may have removed the card long before the completion of the transaction, do not forget to press the X button to complete your transaction. If this is not done, someone else might use your details already entered into the machine to get away with your funds.

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And there you have it, complete insights into how you can withdraw money from the ATM machine. You can now visit the ATM and try it out. Do not forget to take an extra care on all your transaction information. Do you have questions about this process, please place a comment below, let’s discuss it.

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