Comparison Between Hulu And Netflix

Hulu vs Netflix


Sometimes, we may be wondering about what video streaming service to go for? Precisely, Hulu vs Netflix. Considering this conflict of reasoning, this article will clear all doubt granting you a clear view of the comparison between Hulu vs Netflix. By the end of this information, you should be able to have a distinct understanding of the two.

Hulu vs Netflix:

To begin, comparing Hulu and Netflix doesn’t get easier with a continuous increase in competition that exits among TV streaming services. Also, it gets a little bit difficult trying to figure out which platform serves best to suit your interest, budgets, and needs. Again, this happens a lot of the time especially when you are about to sign up for either of the two, Hulu vs Netflix.

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Both platforms, Hulu and Netflix have a full library of TV shows, documentaries, and movies. Also, they are both available worldwide and can be accessed on apps or browsers whether on your PC or Mobile phones. Both of them, Hulu vs Netflix, are very popular but they focus differently on distinct content. Hulu Plus has a large collection of current seasonal TV shows and a small collection of movies. On the other hand, Netflix provides a wide collection of movies and old seasonal TV shows. More so, they both have apps used on a variety of devices including video game consoles and smart TV.


Hulu has the following services: TV shows, especially the current season shows and videos on demand. On the other hand, Netflix rents DVD and Blu-ray discs online. Anyway, the idea of DVD by mail service got movie rental out of business. Not until 2017, it started providing streaming content. And since then, it has been the major business. Also, it has video on demand including movies and older TV shows. Looking more closely at the both, Hulu vs Netflix, Hulu depends more on network than movies.

Subscription Plans

Most of the time, when considering what video streaming platform to use, price is always the first option. The subscription plans for Hulu and Netflix are different.

Adding to the Hulu vs Netflix competition, before now, Hulu once had a free tier which comes with limited shows and advertising. It provides 4K HDR streaming which costs $5.99. Nevertheless, the only problem with the base tier is the fact that it shows commercials. Better still, you can go for the tier without adds-ons for $11.99 per month. Again, going for this tier enables you save for short clips. In addition, you can also view Hulu on a device at a time. It can also run on two or three too at a time. Also, the same applies to both plans, allowing a single user at a time. You can take advantage of monthly tier to stream a whole library. Kindly, visit Hulu subscription plan site if you need more information.

Netflix, on the other hand, has a three-tier pricing structure. It begins with $8.99 per month basic plan for only one user at a time with SD streaming. Also, it has a $12.99 monthly standard plan for two users simultaneously. Again, it offers $15.99 monthly premium plan for 4K HDR streaming used by four users simultaneously. Certainly, you will discover that all Netflix tiers are commercials-free. You can open up to five profiles on each account. Kindly, visit Netflix subscription plan site for more information.


The Hulu vs Netflix comparison isone sided in this aspect.

Hulu had 3 million plus subscribers in 2012. Recently, the hit rose to 28 million subscribers. That’s a great accomplishment! It was double what it had in 2016.

Netflix, on the other hand, had about 30 million subscribers and 7.75 million across the world in June, 2013. Recently, it had 151 million members internationally as of 2019. It is known for providing quality TV programs.


Still on the Hulu vs Netflix comparison, add-ons give you access to other contents from another service. Hulu provides you with four add-on channels: Showtime $10.99 per month, Cinemax $9.99 per month, Starz at $8.99 per month, and HBO at $1.99 per month. Also, each time you make use of the add-ons, there will be no need to use a separate app to stream.

On the other hand, Netflix has no add-ons.

Hulu vs Netflix:

Hulu was founded in October 29, 2007, with its headquarters located in Los Angeles, California in the USA. Netflix, on the other hand, was founded on August 29, 1997, with its headquarters in Los Gatos, California, also in the USA.

Hulu vs Netflix: Conclusion

In conclusion, you will realize so much was accomplished by these two video streaming services, Hulu vs Netflix. Nevertheless, there is a difference between both based on content, numbers of subscribers, and the likes. Thank you for taking the moment to go through this article.


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