Idera SQL Diagnostic Manager Price, Features and Download Procedure

Idera SQL is a very unique SQL diagnostic manager software for monitoring the performances of the SQL server.


It alerts, diagnosis, and postulates solutions for the server. It is very proactive in nature because it alerts the database administrators of potential health issues, performance issues and availability of problems in the software.

It performs its functions via the desktop console, web console, mobile console and vast availability of add-ons.


It provides remedies for precarious situations and is very fast in diagnosing, alerting and monitoring the database without the need for agents.

idera sql manager

Aside from monitoring and diagnosing problems, the Idera SQL offers a real time advice, monitoring and historical data aimed at improving the performance of the system.


It is embedded with the SQL workload analysis add-on which provides a granular breakdown for isolating problems as soon they pop out.


Poor performances are quickly identified and fixed by the SQL Query tuner. It is an Add-on that maximizes the performance of a database and application. It removes all the hitches and potential bottlenecks by providing a graphical profile of critical metrics inside the database.


Why you need the Idera SQL manager

There exists many reasons why the database should be kept in good health.

  • Poor performance and reduced availability can be very detrimental and will have a huge negative impact on the business and other important applications.
  • One of the most important aspects of database administration is the availability and maximum performance of the database.
  • It poses lots of headache for database administrators and the idera SQL manager provides excellent services for it.
  • Aside from database performance, there is need for the system to support a continually growing database even with limited resources.
  • Idera SQL manager meets these needs. It monitors the overall health and performance of the database in real time.
  • It is very reliable and easy to use.
  • There is an abundance of tools that can be used to easily diagnose and resolve issues as regards database performance.
  • There are many add-ons that continually analyses the database workload, optimize the diagnose problematic areas.


Core Highlights of the Idera SQL manager

idera sql manager


Below are the itemized product benefits of the Idera SQL manager:

  1. Performance monitoring of the physical environment, the virtual environment as well as the cloud environment of the database.
  2. Optimization of performances via the implementation of expert performance recommendations.
  3. Absense of false alert. The settings are set to predictive alerts.
  4. There is availability of fast sampling . This brings about workload analysis of realtime performance.
  5. Fast isolation of slow statements and the drill down of actionable advice.
  6. Visual and interactive tunning of complex queries.
  7. Effective loading of test queries. This is done in environments where simulated production are done.


Highlight of the key features of idera SQL manager


idera sql manager

We shall now take a look at the key features that are embedded in the Idera SQL manager.

Data Auditing: The idera SQL manager allows the auditing of data wheepver there is a change on any of the database tables. It allows a comparison between the data before the change and the data after the change which results from inserts, updates, and deletions of data.

Central Management console
: This feature allows easy management and tracking of audit activity. It carries a large number of servers and monitors a the compliance in real-time. It allows a rapid deployment of SQL compliance manager in the rapid configuration.

Central data Repository: This feature houses all the audit data. Custom reports as well as queries are developed easily via the user-friendly repository schema. This feature is very useful in partitioning of security ithbthe help of multiple repository.

Dynamic deployment technology: The dynamic deployment technology is useful in automatic deployment and configuration of the SQL compliance manager agents. It is very functional in the enablement of rapid deployment. It eliminates the need for the installation of time consuming softwares in the SQL server.

User defined event auditing: The user-defined event auditing is very effective in the capturing of data changes in the table. The changes result from INSERT activity, UPDATE activity or DELETE activity included within the audit trail.

Low -overheated data collection: Is feature allows a lightweight data capturing from the SQL server. This is done in real-time and the collected data can easily be streamed to the repository. This can also be done in batches.

Continuous monitoring: This feature provides a consistent real-time monitoring of the SQL server as regards the health and the performance statistics of all the SQL servers.

Custom monitoring: Users can under take a customized monitoring of the SQL server. This brings about massive flexibility and proactiveness in datap monitoring.

Fragmentation statistics: This feature displays a fragmentation of the statistics to assists the database manger in identifying indices that requires attention.


How much is the Idera SQL server sold?


The importance of this tool cannot be over emphasised. It is one of the most important tools in database management.

Database administrators can visualize the performance of data It arranges, protects, overviews, secures and directs the data of an organisation. It manages data effectively and proactively provides cover and solution to problems. The software can be downloaded from the idera SQL website:

The trial version can be downloaded for free from the idera website. As we know, the free trial version has a limit time.

This amazing software can be bought fully via the internet. The Idera SQL diagnostic standard single licence for year is sold at $2,495.

The pro version is sold at $2,695. The pro version is also a single license version but it has the SQL workload analysis and the SQL Query tuner embedded.

Don’t be scared by the price for it is Worth it. Data and statistics are very important in every organization.

Hence, the database management should be given a huge consideration.

Wrapping up:

idera sql manager

Idera SQL diagnostic manager is a powerful and unique tool for monitoring and diagnosing the performance level and the health status of the database. It is very proactive in nature and it uses an agentless architecture in the gathering and management of data.

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