How to get IDM free Download with Serial Key Full Version

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Internet Download Manager is the best software that supports the best file download. It has a high download speed rate which makes it the top choice for users today. You can download IDM for free on your computer today. It is one of the best download managers as it also allows multiple files to be downloaded at the same time.

The program helps to manage, save, schedule, prioritize, and resume downloads. IDM has lots of features that help in downloading from the internet. This post is going to guide you on how to get IDM and its serial key without paying a dime.

How to get idm free download with serial key full version
Interface of IDM

How to download IDM for free

IDM offers a 30 days free trial for every new user. To download IDM for free, the first thing to do is to visit their official website. After doing this, click on the Try Internet Manager for free button on the left side of the screen.

How to get idm free download with serial key full version
IDM free download

Once you have done this, you should see the file begin to download on the side of your system. Double click on it to run the installation. After this, your installation will begin and you can start using IDM to download your videos.

How to get IDM serial key

Although you can download IDM for free, that still does not make you a licensed owner.  You can only become a licensed owner of software if you have the serial key. Although there are lots of ways to get the serial key on the internet, the only guaranteed way is purchasing the software legally from a legit and verifies source.  If you opt for an illegal means, it becomes a crime and you expose your computer to different harms.

Now, before you can get the serial key of IDM, go to the Internet Download Manager website. At the top of the page, there are lots of menus there. Click on the Buy Now button.  After doing this, the next interface will load. There you will see four different pricing plans. You can choose between the one-time license or a lifetime license depending on the number of PC you are using. Once you have made your decisions, click on the continue button just below it and proceed.

After this, a pop-up interface will appear, input all your details including your email. Once your payment has been confirmed, you will get your IDM serial key.

How to get idm free download with serial key full version
IDM free download

With it, you will be able to use your software by inputting the serial number when it is required. Once you have done this successfully, you now become a licensed owner of Internet Download Manager and can use it anytime and anywhere.

IDM pricing

As written below, once you download IDM for free and it expires, you will need to purchase a pricing plan. This software has four different plans. The first one is a one-year license for one PC and it is $11.95. Then we have the lifetime license for 1 PC which is $24.95. The third one is $9.95 monthly for a one year license and it is for 2 or more computers. Lastly, we have a lifetime license for more than one computer and it is $19.95.

How to get idm free download with serial key full version
Pricing of IDM

You can check for more information about IDM’s pricing. Once you have purchased a plan, your serial key will be sent to your email. With this, you can access your software and start using it.

System Requirements for downloading IDM Free/Paid

Before you download any software, you need to make sure it will run on your system. If you want to download IDM, you should check these requirements: the operating system should be Windows NT or a later version. Then a Pentium IV or 1.2 GHz processor with a RAM of 512 megabyte and hard disk space with at least 12MB or higher.


Finally, this post explained how you can download IDM for free without paying and also how to get its serial number. IDM is the top download manager right now. You can download videos from any website and it will integrate perfectly with your browser.

In addition to that, it has a very high speed and also very simple to use interface. If you download it, you will encounter no challenge whatsoever using it. It is the most convenient and effective download manager you could ever choose.


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