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iMovie Free Download for PC – Full Version.

Can I download iMovie for free? Everyone asks this question after they get aware of the goodness embedded in this software from Apple. I bet you will ask the same question after reading what this software is about and what it offers. That’s if you don’t know about it yet. There is even every chance you are here to find an answer to the same question, so for newbies, here’s the low-down on iMovie.

A blue star with its border white-colored and a video recorder icon in its middle represents iMovie. It is a software developed by Apple for beginners in video editing and with its array of features, it is very much usable by professionals as well. In comparison to its competition, Windows, Apple is miles ahead in video editing, therefore its advancement comes with no complexity. The iMovie software has a very simple interface, making it easy to use, even for the most naïve individuals to video editing. It has classy and beautiful themes. Also, you can share movies through a specialized feature. iMovie is also excellent in making trailers and movies, for amateurs definitely.

Therefore, here are some of the reasons Windows users have been asking if they can get iMovie on their PC for free download.

Features of iMovie

From what has been said so far, one or two features must have been apparent. Before Let’s see these features, and some others in detail.

Simple Interface

The interface of this software is kept simple by allowing only tools that are needed at the moment to appear. The screen area is not cluttered with icons that are mostly not needed. In the latest version, three tabs, namely, Media, Projects, and Theater are at the top of the interface. In fact, they are at the middle top of it. To add a new project, just simply tap the plus sign, then choose one of the two options; New Movie and New Trailer. Additionally, a non-cluster of icons makes editing also very easy as you can drag images and navigate among clips easily. Does this mean Apple allowed this simple interface because it is free to download iMovie?

iMovie free download interface

MacBook Touch Bar Support

There is a reasonable use of the MacBook Touch Bar allowed with this software. It allows users to select and drop clips in a timeline. It also allows overlay and split clips. However, iMovie doesn’t allow for some Touch Bar functions like Colour properties adjustment, adjustment of title font, scrub playback, and some more.

Special Effects

So many features allow special effects in iMovie. The PiP (Picture-in-Picture), accessible from the overlay button allows one embedded picture in another picture.

The Split-screen effect allows the screen to be workable on two different halves.

Time effects are great in the software. As simple as the software is, newbie video editors can freeze frames with one click. One can also adjust the freeze time and you can select the speed too.


Background music is available to users through iTunes and GarageBand. These, in combination with the available sound effects on the software, are more than enough for beginners to explore. There are four levels of pitch up and pitch down. Standard audio controls like voice enhance, treble and bass adjustment and equalizers are available at a click.


After creating and editing your trailer or video, you can easily share your project. You can save your videos in mp4 format. More so, you can also choose your preferred resolution and bandwidth. What’s more? You can share your creations on social media platforms directly from the software.

Who qualifies for iMovie free download?

iMovie is a software and an application that is exclusive for and compatible with Apple products like Mac systems and iPhone, and iPad users. So, to answer the question on the minds of Windows users, iMovie is not available for Windows, let alone download. It is said that Mac systems purchased on or after October 20, 2010, can get the software for free. However, the system requirement for Mac is as follows:

Operating System   –   OS X 10.11.2 or higher

R. A. M.   –   16GB

R. O. M.   –   2GB

Processor   –   3.1GHz; Core i7.

How to get iMovie Free Download

You are now familiar with what iMovie is and how it does its thing. Here is how you can download iMovie for free, no price attached. The only legal place to download iMovie is the official website of Apple. Click the blue-colored text in the last sentence and you will be directed to the official download site for iMovie.

iMovie free download

Take note, the link is for macOS.

iMovie Free Download: Conclusion

Did I remember to tell you that you can turn your movies and videos into the best video quality there is? Yes, you can make 4K movies and videos with free video editing software. After you download iMovie for free, then you can start exploring and question the integrity of anyone who tells you otherwise.


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