iMusic 2.0.7 Download (Mac/Windows)

Many people that have iDevices face the problem of not being able to download music as a result of the fact that they do not know the best audio tools that they can use to download songs. Have you ever heard of iMusic 2.0.7? Do you know that you can download a song using iMusic software? Now I am sure that your next question will be, how can I download iMusic 2.0.7?best audio tools-iMusic 2.0.7

Well, you are in luck because, in today’s article, we will give you answers to those questions we raised earlier. Take a look at our table of content.

Table of Content

  • Is iMusic 2.0.7 the best audio tools?
  • What are the features of iMusic 2.07?
  • How can I download iMusic successfully?
  • Conclusion

Is iMusic 2.0.7 the best audio tools?

iMusic is one of the best audio tools that you can use to download music to your devices. This software is good for music lovers because it has lots of benefits plus an excellent database of songs from artists, and albums and different styles.

You can also use this software to download music from different websites and different social media platform.

In addition, anybody can use the application to download songs because it is very easy to use. Also, one of its features include backups at default.

Furthermore, any music that you are downloading is sent to either your Windows and Mac Os especially if you the source is from your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

What are the features of iMusic 2.07?

  1. Records tracks from Radio fast

With the help of this software, you can record all your favorite songs from the radio easily and faster. After you are done recording you can now be rest assure that the music file is in your system.

  1. It has a music backup facility

With this audio tool, you can get a backup of your music to your device automatically.

  1. CD burning

The music file that you have downloaded with the iMusic audio tool can be burned to a CD and can also be used in DVD or even in your automobile.

  1. It is a multi-platform app

This software allows you to use it for multi-platform activities. So, it works for each PCs and Mac and permits the sharing of records data with Apple, iTunes and Android devices.

  1. Search and download specific Music you choose

The primary aim of this audio tool is for downloading of music, therefore you can now download your favorite songs easily. In addition to that, it has a facility that will enable you to search for the song you want either by title, artist or style.

  1. You can also share the music

    This app records data and can share music files between the iOS platform. Also, downloading of music has been made easy with this app, in the sense that, customers can now switch the tracks between Apple, iTunes.

  1. Refurbishes the iTunes library

There is also a possibility that sometimes the music you have downloaded from numerous platforms may get damaged. However, with the help of the apps refurbishing feature, you can fix any damaged music file or remove it from the library.

  1. It will remove DRM

What this audio tool does to all the recorded data from iTunes, is to make sure that they are DRM protected. So, whenever you what to switch the records data or use them on the units with totally different Apple ID, you can just take away the DRM.

  1. You can easily process the music from different websites

It is not all audio downloading tools that allow you to download music from numerous websites, but, iMusic allows you to download music from different websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, etc.

  1. It allows for batch downloading

Apart from downloading the songs you wanted one by one, you can just use the URL to download the entire YouTube music playlist to MP3 at once.

  1. It has high-quality music video download

iMusic supports HD music video download, that is, you have a guarantee of a high-quality music video from YouTube, Facebook, etc.

  1. ID3 tags

Whenever you download a song, the name of the artist, title of the song, the year it was produced and the genre will be added to the song automatically.

  1. Car playlist

You can also enjoy the downloaded songs in your car, simply click on transfer downloaded music and send the playlist to a USB drive.

  1. They have a built-in music player

iMusic ensures that you can play any songs that you have saved from the internet easily.

How can I download iMusic successfully?

You can successfully download iMusic when you go to their official Website.


iMusic is the best music downloader and manager software that you can think of. Why do we say so? It is one of the best audio tools with a toolbox for burning music from iTunes library to CDs. Also, you can also access the library where you can add multiple videos and process download simultaneously. Lastly, with app, you can connect all songs to different devices like iPhone, iPod, etc.

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