Increase your Website Traffic

10 Tips on How To Increase Your Website Traffic?

When it comes to marketing a business, an online presence is critical. Businesses are developing websites with the ideology of making their products globally, if not domestically accessible. However, most businesses fail to realize the importance of increasing website traffic as they believe that consumers will flock with other strategies! That is false. You need to make your brand prominent to generate sufficient traffic.

Now increasing website traffic may sound tedious, but with the right tips and hacks, you will be able to generate enough traffic without running your pocket dry!

1.Identifying Consumers

 “Who are they and how do I connect with them?” – Identify your consumers and learn about their needs and behaviours. This will enable you to define your product or service: What does it offer that no one else offers (i.e differentiator).

Make sure you sell something that other businesses aren’t to an audience that wants your product.

2.LSI is The New SEO

SEO has been an effective tool that places your content at the top of researches. However, Google Hummingbird has changed how the search engine’s algorithm works. Google looks for LSI keywords – phrases or quotes related to your core concept. People searching for what you offer will be more likely to click on it if it has been associated with their queries via relevant and similar topics or terms (LSI Keywords). The best part about using LSI Keywords is that you can search for relevant trending phrases through various generators.

3.Seek Influencers

Influencers are internet celebrities. They have an audience you need, and what they advocate will surely lead customers to your website. 

So how do we find them? Well, there are plenty of places on the Internet to look for influencers. You can always begin with a Google search and check their social media pages to find one that is right for you.

4.Appointing Influencers

If you want your product to be shared through an influencer, you must develop stories that explicitly cater to that community. 

For example, if you’re targeting a sports audience, your content should include images of athletes using your product. The same holds for any other industry vertical, including fashion, beauty, food, home improvement, etc.!

5.Social Media Presence

Covid-19 has changed the way e-commerce works. Consumers do not rely on websites alone and are commonly found on social media. Therefore, it is important you have a social media presence as well, so when consumers search your brand on Facebook or Instagram, they will be linked to your website.

6.Be Online on Social Media

Having a social media account is futile if your business is not using it right. This means you need to advertise your product/services via engaging content.

Create content that showcases what your product looks like and how it can add value to the consumer’s life. When consumers identify an aesthetic product or useful service, they are bound to visit your website for more information.

7.Social Media Advertisements

Given that more people are now online, they spend their time scrolling through their social media almost 24/7. This makes your consumer more available to click a social media advertising than any other form of marketing.

By advertising your business through Facebook or even LinkedIn, you will gain an online presence, and consumers will be linked back to your website. However, CTA is also an best option.

8.Catchy Content

Consumers are attracted to businesses that not only sell products but stay relevant with trending topics. Make sure you are uploading content that showcases your awareness. 

For example, if you upload content about the typewriter, it may not attract people. However, if you upload content that suggests the typewriter is making a comeback by utilizing aesthetics, people will be keen to learn more and click on your website. (You can use wordpress for Website Development)

9.Google’s Mobile-First Index

Having a website is not enough; ensure your website is mobile-friendly. That is because Google now relies on mobile versions of websites to index and rank you like the majority of users who access the service via a mobile device. 

10. Info graphics a Click bait

With various click bait available, a tried and tested method that never fails is info graphics. Info graphics give out digestible and catchy information that answers the ‘why’ aspect of your product.

Info graphics serve as an advertisement as well, a bonus to your social media presence. Create an info graphic that relies on aesthetics without compromising on content. Find a balance of wordplay and visuals so you give out relevant information while attracting consumers, which will serve as a powerful website traffic-generating tool for you.

Increasing website traffic isn’t too difficult these days – you just need to do a little research, put some effort into your planning, and be sure to include engaging content that is able to offer real value.

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