UseNeXT-Usenet service provider from Germany.

UseNeXT is generally known as an experienced Usenet service provider from Germany. Moreover, it has six data centers in the United States and Europe. Furthermore, Usenet is one of the world’s oldest computer service that you can use for sharing information and data on a network of communicating systems. It was first introduced in the time when you did not have access to the internet connection. However, although people still use it, the internet has replaced it to a more considerable extent.

UseNeXTThis post will give review UseNeXT service and guide you so that you know its usefulness and how to use its product well. Let us start the journey now.


What is UseNeXT about?

UseNext, as its name suggest, is a useful network that you can use on the internet. It also gives you ad-free internet access. When you use the service, it allocates more than 2,500 terabytes worth of data to you. In addition, this useful service has been in existence since 2004.

Another thing about the service is that it is incredibly fast to access. Furthermore, you can access more than 60,000 gigabytes worth of data which they will add to the Usenet. Also, you can filter your interests and be able to easily download whatever you want without uploading anything.

What are the unique features of UseNeXT?

Here is a list of the unique features of their services. Let us take them now.

  1. It has six data centers in Europe and the United States which are accessible Server farms.
  2. Fair value with some plans, that is to say, it offers multiple premium plans which are fair.
  3. The service provider is able to retain its users due to the ability to deliver on its retention promises.
  4. It has a smart+ options which are one of the best deal because it offers 30GB worth of data a month at a maximum download speed of 800Mb/s to you.
  5. The flat rate server allows you to download whatever you like without using up your data.
  6. It has maximum security that guarantees that your IP address will not be stored by the company.

As you can see, this amazing app has lots of important features that have earned it the title ‘the best Usenet provider service’ and, which we have highlighted to you.

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Is Usenet free?

However, you can get it for free. You can get a 14-day free trial which you must cancel online only by phone, not with email or fax. Also, you must cancel this your free trial offer one day before it expires, so that you will not receive automatic sign up automatically as if you want to start a new subscription.

Furthermore, when you are paying for a subscription plan of your choice, the service will require your payment details, it can either be your credit cards or PayPal or even both, anyone you wishes to use is accepted.

What is their website that I can download the app?

For you to be able to use the application, you must first sign up their website before you can get the free trial offer.  The app also requires that you enter your email address and country when you are signing up. Visit their website now.

How can I use it?

Let us assume that you have already signed up and registered for it and you are currently on their page. The next thing for you to do is to select a language and change it to the one the suit you. Go to the search bar, enter the name of the file you want and search for it.

Furthermore, when you do that, you will get a list with relevant information, size, newsgroup, uploader and the date they uploaded it will display for you to see. Select the type of information you want from the list by scrolling down, next you will see an icon right beside it, click on it and it will start downloading.


In conclusion, UseNeXT is one of the news and data services providers that you can use with ease. You can also see its amazing features and why it is generally regarded as the best Usenet provider service. So, dear readers, whenever you think of high, fast and free data download of 1GB let UseNeXT be your first choice.

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