8 Top Instagram Backup Tools And Websites

Backing up your Instagram account is very important. It is a good security measure to back up your personal social media accounts for many reasons. First, you might actually lose that account to hackers or phone thieves. Secondly, backing up your files makes it easier to access at another time. Thirdly, the process is simple for Instagram users with Instagram backup tools. Furthermore, when you use this software, you don’t need third-party apps or other hardware devices to back up your Instagram account. It is easy with simply laid down instructions to follow.

Instagram backup tools

These Instagram backup tools are linked to Instagram so that you can access your Instagram account on their platform anytime. In this article, we will discuss 7 of the best Instagram backup Tools

7 Best Instagram Backup Tools

  1. DownloadGram

Instagram backup tools-DownloadGram

DownloadGram gives you direct access to your Instagram account, providing you with efficient services to download your favorite images and videos for later use. It is easy to use, just log in to your Instagram account on the platform choose the image or video, on the content and click the copy share URL option and then go to the download Gram website and paste it.

Get | DownloadGram | for your Instagram Account

  1. iDrive – Analytic & Instagram Backup Tool

Instagram backup tools-iDrive - Analytic & Instagram Backup Tool

iDrive, like its name sounds, is a cloud-based Instagram back up service website. It is simple and very easy to use. Also, it provides you with a quick way to download and backup all your Instagram account and content. In addition, users can backup multiple Instagram accounts directly.

Get | iDrive | for your Instagram account

  1. 4kStogram

Instagram backup tools-4kStogram

4k Stogram is an Instagram backup tool that serves many purposes. You use it to view and download Instagram photos, videos, stories and more. In addition, it is compatible with Windows, Macs, Linux operating systems and a host of others. So go ahead and backup your Instagram profile, and import your list of Instagram subscriptions with this software for free.

Get | 4kStogram | for your Instagram Account

  1. Instaport


Instaport is one of the most simple Instagram backup tools that allows you easily backup your Instagram account. With this software, users can download all their personal Instagram photos, videos and related stories with just one click. Also, this online web service offers maximum storage capacity for all its users. In addition, it does not take much time to sync your Instagram contents and posts.

Get | Instaport | for your Instagram Account

  1. InstaSave


InstaSave gives you one of the best ways to back up your Instagram posts. For instance, you can back up your personal photos, live videos and many more. Also, Instasave is simple and easy to use. Furthermore, it has awesome features like a friendly user interface, one-click download button for all Instagram posts. Also, you can save it easily on all devices.

Get | InstaSave | for your Instagram account

  1. Ifft – Instagram Analytic and Backup Tool

Ifft - Instagram Analytic and Backup Tool

Another great Instagram backup tool that is awesome with the amazing functionality for backing up your Instagram account is ifft. It is a free way to get all your social media accounts connected and online. In addition, with this tool, users can also backup and manage their social media accounts properly.

  1. DsgnWrks Instagram Importer

DsgnWrks Instagram Importer

There are no Instagram backup tools with great functions that automatically backs up your Instagram photos and contents to your WordPress site except this one. Also, this tool is flexible, and it can help you control and customize your content title and tags. This Instagram importer is more of a plugin for WordPress. However, it can backup your Instagram account and also import contents to anywhere you want and at any time. Get it at the website.

8. InstaOffline


Instaoffline is another great option for backing up your coveted Instagram photos and videos. The tool is really easy to use and requires no software installation since it’s accessible online. Simply open the website in your favourite browser and paste in the URLs of the photos or videos you’d like to safe. It even supports the download of carrousel posts with multiple videos and images.

Get | InstaOffline | for your Instagram account


In conclusion, this article gives you the best and the simplest ways to back up your Instagram account quickly and effectively. These Instagram backup tools help you to manage and control your Instagram contents. So, the next time, you want to back up your personal photos, video clips or live stories, make sure you use one of these online tools for the task.

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