Internet Banking Made Simple: How to get started in Nigeria

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Banking in Nigeria has moved to a whole new level. Gone are those days when you had to visit the bank to do all transactions. Almost all banks in Nigeria now have an internet banking platform with varying levels of sophistication.

You can now make transactions at ease without having to explain anything to your bank. Internet banking saves time, energy and is more convenient. All you need do is read on to understand procedures involved in internet banking. internet banking platform

Benefits of Internet banking

  • You can own an account with almost any bank through the internet quite easily.
  • You can get up to date information about the happenings in your bank without having to visit the bank
  • There are a lot of products and services that you can gain access to when using the internet banking platform
  • Paying bills and Airtime top-up is so much easier with internet banking
  • You can send and receive money at ease
  • You can verify and print out your account statements without having to leave your home


Internet Banking Requirements And Security in Nigeria

  • You must have open a bank account with the designated bank before you can use their internet banking platform
  • Your browser must be up to date browser to ensure no malicious hacking into your platform.
  • You must Log in to your account only from personalized devices and not from public devices to prevent hacking into your platform
  • Always ensure that your Login ID and password is kept safe to avoid all unauthorized access to your account
  • Avoid using your internet banking platform on public WiFi
  • Always monitor your account for any sign of Fraud or theft
  • Stay aware of your surroundings when using your internet banking platform

How to setup your internet banking account

Open a bank account if you don’t have any already

Pick the bank you wish to join and get an account with them. if you wish for more information on this, See: how to open a bank account online.

Set up your online account

Once you have an account with a bank, you can go to their website and enable online access to your accounts. You may be required to fill out some information online, just follow the instructions on the bank’s website.

Choose a secure username and password

Follow the instructions you see on the bank’s website, and for extra safety, ensure that your password contains a jumble of numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters.

Avoid using the same password as your ATM card password or other account passwords.

Set up your contact information.

Your Email address must be authentic, secure and used only by you. Make sure to daily check your email for information from your bank, so that you may have up to date information for all transactions on your account.

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How to Navigate your internet banking page

Click around to gain more knowledge

After you have set up your account, click on all buttons to gain more insights on how each button and packages work. There are usually a lot of instructions on how they make every product and service works out.

Use Online payment platforms

A lot of banks give you room to pay utilities for little or no fee. Usually, the fee is just at your convenient fee and is usually below 100 Naira per transactions.

You can apply for Loans through the internet banking platform

A lot of banks in Nigeria offer you great access to a lot of information regarding all kinds of loans and credit the bank offers online. You can also successfully apply for loans and credit with ease online.

Special offers and packages

Most online banking portals in the country offer you a message box, where you receive all promo offers and special coupons accurately and daily.


Internet banking can be an added advantage to your banking needs, why not start making a lot more use of the internet today.  If you also wish for information about a domiciliary account and how to open one. See: How to Open a Domiciliary Account in Nigeria.

I do hope the information is of much use to you. If you have more questions, place a comment below.

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