Inverters in South Africa

10 Best Inverters And Prices in South Africa

Find Inverter prices in South Africa. This article contains a comprehensive listing of the best inverters and their various cost here in South Africa. It also contains brief features and benefits of listings.

Inverter prices in South Africa

What is an Inverter?

An inverter is an automated device that converts the direct current (DC) electricity from sources such as batteries or fuel cells to alternating current (AC) electricity. Literally speaking an Inverter is equipment that gets charged when there is a flow of electricity and reproduces this electricity at when there is no power from the primary source.

The AC produced by an inverter is used by devices which requires power. But Generally, inverters are integrated into many things including:

  • DC power source usage
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Power grid
  • Solar inverter
  • Electric motor speed control
  • As well as contained in refrigerator compressors for air conditioning or refrigerators.
  • Electroshock weapons

Before we start looking at the inverter prices in South Africa, you have to note this. When choosing an inverter whether, in South Africa or in other countries, efficiency and functionality are fundamental. It is essential that you must look for an AC that should power all devices that need to be equipped in your home or office. This may include your computers, televisions, printers, pressing iron, dishwasher and many more.

Inverter prices in South Africa – First, know the differences.

There are many inverters in South Africa, but before you buy, you must research and check out every inverter for the right one for your home. To help you with your research, here are some pros and cons to help you pick the right Inverter for your desired purpose

UPS or Inverter?

First things first, an Inverter is not the same as a UPS. A UPS does convert DC to AC, but the switching from DC to AC can be deemed faster than that in an Inverter. However, a UPS is more acceptable for use with simple devices such as your Laptop, fan, or lights.

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However, an Inverter is more excellent for more complicated household appliances. But if you can get a UPS specifically for your Electronics, this ensures that they stay safer since it minimizes the risk of damage to your Electronics.

However, there are different kinds of Inverter available in the market, but they are based majorly on two technologies:

A. Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Pure Sine Wave Inverters are excellent if you wish to use it for your electric appliances like your Computers and TV since they are quite faster to switch to than there counterparts.

B. Modified Sine Wave or Square Wave Inverters

Square Wave Inverters are excellent if you wish to provide backup power for nonsensitive appliances like lights or fans. Also, they are less expensive, but they use outdated technology.

Nevertheless, when choosing your Inverters in South Africa, there is some more specific information you should look out for:

  1. VA ( Volt-Ampere) Rating: This rating determines the kind of load that a particular Inverter can take.
  2. Battery Voltage: This depicts the kind of battery that is contained in your Inverter and determines how long the inverter can run after a power outage.
  3. Battery Charging time: A lot of models of Inverters will show you how long it takes for the battery takes to charge completely.
  4. Safety features: You should also look out for features like short circuit protect, audio alarm, overload protection, auto-reset features, overvolt protection and many more. If you can get a lot of these features in your desired Inverter, then it is quite excellent.
  5. Warranty: Remember always to check the warranty period specified on your Inverter. This is even more important if you are getting your Inverter and its battery from the same manufacturer or not. Your Inverter will require regular maintenance but not entirely as consistent as you will need to do for your batteries.
  6. Miscellaneous features: A lot of modern inverters have added features like indicator light s to help you monitor available battery, overload, charging time and many more. These are not quite as important but can be quite useful if you can get also get them in your chosen Inverter.

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Inverters in South Africa

Inverter prices in South Africa (The Top 10).

1. Axpert Mks 5kva 48vdc Inverter 60a Mppt- R8,220

Axpert Inverter is a lovely solar inverter that can power a lot of appliances including sensitive electronics in your home. It is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter with an Output power of factor 1 ( 0.8 for 3K/5KP models). It also features a built-in battery as well as a configurable AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting. It also has a parallel operation of up to 9units. However, these are only available via the 3KP,4KVA, 5KVA models. It also has overcharge protection as well as a Surge power of over 10000VA and a floating charge voltage of 54DC.

2. RCT 3KW On-grid Inverter – R15,473

The RCT InfinSolar 3KW is an on-grid inverter with energy storage that offers a pure sine wave output. It is also perfect for off-grid operations and has a microprocessor feature which offers stable and accelerates charging benefits. Maximum charging power is about 1200W while the maximum DC power is about 3200W.

3. Mercer Axpert Plus Trio 5000VA 4000W Hybrid  Inverter  – R15,430

The Axpert Plus Duo features three inbuilt MPP trackers and an ultra-efficient capacity on the solar and AC charger. The maximum charging current will reach 100A or 140A which depends on different models which shorten battery charging hours. It possesses 220VAC input, parallel operations up to 9 units and a configurable AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting. It also possesses an overload and circuit protection feature as well as 48V DC Battery input. It also has a 60-115DC MPPT Range at its operating storage and an Auto restart feature while the AC is recovering. This particular inverter prices in South Africa is around R15,430 only.

4. Growatt SPF5000 Solar Inverter

The SPF 5000 Solar Inverter is a lovely Pine Wave sine inverter, quite perfect for off-grid increasing capacity. At a glance, it possesses a 5KVA(4KW) AC output, 48v Battery Bank (Lithium/Lead Acid), MPPT Voltage Range 60-115VDC, 2 X MPPT trackers and Max. PV Input Power 3500W. It is also able to support a maximum number of units in parallel up to 6 units. It is quite suitable for a single as well as three phase systems.

5. Canadian Solar 320W PolySolar Panel – C6X-320P – R2,080

The Canadian Solar inverter offers a higher energy efficient inverter giving up to 5W positive power tolerance. This Canadian Solar Inverter prices in South Africa is R,2080. It offers an optimum operating voltage of about 36.8 volts and open circuit Voltage of about 45.3Volts.

6. The Sun Pays 4KW Axpert Pure Sine Wave Inverter Parallel – R8,995

The Sun Pays Inverter offers an 80A MPPT charge controller, inverter charger and bypass all built into the model. It also offers a surge of 8W and a continuous output of about 4KW. It also possesses LCD settings to ensure that you are always aware of all that is going on within the Inverter.

7. Victron Phoenix Inverter 24 800 230V Schuko Battery Inverter – R3,565

This Inverter is a Pure Sine Wave inverter perfect for all high tech appliances. It also has a continuous power output of about 230VAC, the power of 800W and optimum power of about 1600W. The Victron Phoenix inverter prices in South Africa is around R3,565.

8. Voltronic Power RCT Axpert 1KVA 800 W Inverter – R3,310

This Solar Inverter features a 25Amp 600W Charger MPPT Solar Charger Controller, 220Ac input and 24V DC Battery input as well as 20Amp AC Battery Charger. It also has a configurable AC/Solar Input priority as well as an overload and short circuit protection.

9. Solis 5.0kW 4G Dual MPPT Solar Grid Tie Inverter- R17,550

This Solar Inverter features several different models ranging 1K to 5K 4G versions. However, this Solar Inverter possesses several unique functionalities including WIFI and monitoring app capabilities.  It is made to give maximum DC power of 5800, and the maximum input voltage of about 600V. It is suitable for home appliances and has a wide range of protection functions including overload and low circuit potentials.

10. 4000W Off Grid Hybrid Solar Power Inverter with MPPT Solar Charger – R6,937.80

This solar Inverter is excellent for both off the grid and on grid systems. It works on Pure Sine Wave and is quite okay for all home appliances. The Rated power is about 4000Wand it has an input voltage of about 12V (or 24V or 48V depending on the model). Also, these Inverter supports smart control and is designed to operate even under harsh conditions. It also features a power saving mode to help you conserve battery.

And there you have it, some of the different Inverter prices in South Africa. All you can do is do some research on the one with the right power efficiency. Feel free to ask us questions about any one of these inverters. We can discuss it in the comments below.

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