Irish Passport Application Process & Requirements

The numbers of people that are applying for an Irish passport per day is on the increase. So, it is a good idea to know the requirements for the Irish Passport application before applying for the passport. Applying for an Irish passport is always a stressful process especially if you don’t know ways to go about it.Irish passport application In order to make it stress-free for you, you will need to follow the lay-down process on this page when applying for an Irish passport.

A passport is a legal document which proofs your identity and nationality. An Irish passport is only given to those who are an Irish citizen. However, you can acquire it by birth, decent or naturalization. Also, know that you must be over 18 years to apply for a passport.

Irish passport application requirements.

There are different ways to apply for an Irish passport. You can apply online through the Passport Express or you can apply offline by going to a passport office. If you are across the country, online application is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way. The reason is that you can get your passport within 10 working days. Below are the general Irish passport application requirements;

  1. It is only for the citizen

For you to be eligible for an Irish passport you must be a citizen. You can be a citizen by birth, descent or naturalization.

  1. You must be an adult

In Ireland, you can get a passport even while you are a child. So when you misplace your passport as a child, you will have to renew it. It is only an adult that is over 18 that can apply for a first Irish passport.

You must be an adult to apply for irish passport
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  1. Proof of name and identity

The name on your passport will not bear titles like Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr, Rev., Sir, Lord and Lady etc. And also, the name on your passport must be a name that you are known by. Meaning, the name on your passport must also be the name on your other documents. As a resident in Ireland, the Public Service Card (PSC) is your proof. But if you are a non-resident an original document showing your name (driving license, payslip or bank statement for example) is your proof.

  1. Passport Photographs

Before starting your Irish passport application, you will need to provide four recent identical passports. The person who witnesses the application will sign on two of the passport photograph. He or she must be a member of Garda SÍochána if the application is done in Ireland. But if it is done abroad, the suitable categories of witnesses are listed on the application form.

  1. Proof of address

You will also need to provide a document that will show your address. Documents like; utility bill or official correspondence from an Irish state agency.

  1. Appropriate fee

You will have to pay some certain fee when you are about to commence your Irish passport application process. The rate of the fee varies. You need to know which type of Irish passport you want and the fee. There are three types of passport; Standard, Large and 5-year passport. And each has a different fee.

  1. Additional documents when applying for an Irish Passport

You need these additional documents to confirm your Irish citizenship. If you are born in Ireland, you will need to provide a birth certificate as part of your application requirements, Civil marriage or civil partnership certificate, this only applies if you may have changed your surname.

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If you are a citizen through foreign birth registration, you will need to provide a birth certificate, civil marriage or civil partnership certificate (this only applies if you may have changed your surname), Foreign birth registration certificate, and a foreign passport.

Born abroad and adopted under Irish law, you will need to provide

  • Certificate of entry in the Register of Intercountry Adoptions.
  • Civil marriage or civil partnership certificate, this only applies if you may have changed your surname.
  • Adoptive Irish parent’s birth certificate or Irish passport.

Post-nuptial citizenship, you will need to provide

  • Post-nuptial certificate.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Civil marriage or civil partnership certificate, this only applies if you may have changed your surname.

Citizenship through naturalization, you will need to provide

  • Naturalization certificate.
  • Foreign passport.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Civil marriage or civil partnership certificate, this only applies if you may have changed your surname.

How to apply for your Irish passport

The Irish passport application form is available online and offline. If you are applying offline, you will go to the passport office. But if online, you can apply through the Passport Express. Apply for your visa online by using this link:

What is the fastest and best way to get an Irish passport? The fastest way of applying for an Irish passport is through Passport Express. A passport express is an online system, where you can apply for your passport. Their aim is to give back your passport to you within 10 working days.

Types of an Irish passport.

  • Machine-readable passports: A passport that has two typeface line printed is a machine-readable passport. The lines printed are at the bottom of the biographical page. And it can be read by the machine. There is identical information provided on the biographical page when read by the lines.
  • Electronic passports (ePassport): An electronic machine, on the other hand, is also called ePassport. It is the same as machine-readable. The only difference is that it has a small integrated circuit or chip which is embedded in the photo page. This chips stores digitized image whereby making it easy for facial recognition technology at border controls. It also stores personal details of the passport holder.

In conclusion, if you follow all the requirements that are mention diligently, you will be qualifying for an Irish passport. You need to apply for the visa also to be qualified. These articles have been able to provide answers on the Irish passport application requirements.


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