Is Doodly Software Worth the Investment? The Cons & Pros


Doodly is a whiteboard animation software that is used to create videos. The best thing about this software is that you do not need to have any technical knowledge before using it. The software has a drag and drops function that makes it easy to create whiteboard videos either for commercial or personal purposes. The software helps by creating characters or text over a whiteboard or blackboard. This post will explain the pros and cons of Doodly software.

How Does Doodly Work?

As mentioned above, Doodly software lets users create whiteboard animation videos. Whether you are using a PC or MAC, Doodly is downloadable on any device. With a single license, you will be able to use the software across many devices.

If you want to create an explanatory video, Doodly is an application that makes that possible. You will have access to numerous images, sounds and characters which will aid in the creation of your video. There are so many options available on the software that makes it possible to modify its scenes and styles. Whether you have any prior experience using a whiteboard animation or not, you will be able to use Doodly easily. This is because the software comes with a range of instructions.

The quality of video files created on Doodly is high and it has lots of export options. Doodly is useful in creating whiteboard and blackboard videos. It is important to know that even after buying Doodly, you will be unable to use it without an internet connection.

Doodly: The Pros

Doodly is one of the best whiteboard animation software on the market. There are lots of excellent features and functions available to you while using the software. Here are some of the things to look forward to after purchasing Doodly.

Easy to use

If you are not familiar with using whiteboard software, then there is no reason to worry. Doodly has lots of beginner videos which aim to help new users understand how it works. These videos will help you know everything about video editing and exporting. Doodly is user friendly and you will operate it fine without any prior knowledge. You can access Doodly tutorials here.

Unlimited Videos

You can create unlimited videos either for personal use or commercial purposes with Doodly. Whether you purchase the standard or enterprise packages, you will be able to create unlimited whiteboard videos.

Availability of numerous scene transitions and characters

When creating any explanation videos, you need a variety of scenes, props, characters, and styles. This is something Doodly provides you easily. You will have access to a library of scenes, characters and props. It is also possible for you to upload fonts and languages if you decide to. Doodly also provides access to various scenes and prebuilt images. There is also an option for you to include different scene objects to the main scene you want to use. The only limiting feature is that it is impossible for you to add your own scene. There is no reason why you would want to do that anyway since Doodly already has plenty of scenes.

Voice over

Another great feature of Doodly is being able to record your own voice directly and then adding it to your video. So, if you cannot find the right sound or voice, you can decide to record yours.

Custom Draw Paths

With this feature, you can add custom draw paths to your images. This means Doodly makes it possible for you to recreate a drawing effect or handwriting for images you upload.

Video quality

There are various resolution levels available for you to choose from when publishing your videos.

Professional edit

The video editing timeline on Doodly makes it possible to rearrange scenes easily using the drag and drop feature. You can preview scenes as you are creating them and duplicate or delete in the timeline. Doodly also lets you change the style of the video and the style of the hand. The software lets you edit your videos professionally.


If you encounter any problem while using Doodly, you can contact the support for help. They are always available to answer your questions and proffer solutions.

Doodly: The Cons

Even with all the pros of using Doodly, we cannot overlook some of its cons. So, here are some things you will encounter while using the software.

Requires internet connection

One huge drawback of Doodly is it requires a stable internet connection. Without that, you will not be able to access its dashboard. Doodly is a software that cannot be used offline.

Rendering videos

There have been lots of complaints about the amount of time rendering high-resolution video takes. Exporting a video with high resolution can take more time than expected.


If you have a limited budget, you might have issues purchasing this software. While some users look for Doodly free trial, it does not have any trial package. You will have to pay for one of its plans before you start using.

Doodly Pricing

Doodly does not have any trial period, you will have to select one of its packages. The Standard plan is about $39 every month and $20 annually. The Enterprise plan is $69 every month and $40 annually. You can proceed to purchase Doodly by visiting their official website.


In summary, Doodly is a software that is worth buying. It offers features that will produce professional videos either for personal or commercial reasons. You can use the software to create video ads. Although pricey, Doodly is worth its price.

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