Is Grammarly Software Totally Free for Students?

Every student needs all the help they can get when writing essays, projects, letters, and much more. There are lots of software that can make that possible. Grammarly is one of the most popular grammar software out there. It is highly recommended to students as it helps improve their grammar styles and writing skills. This post is going to give you more details about Grammarly and whether it is free or not for every student.

Grammarly Software: Overview

Grammarly is a popular online grammar checker that is free to every individual. It helps in correcting errors that you make when typing your text. In addition to pointing out misspellings, it can also help change your sentences. More than 10 million users use Grammarly to help with their articles, posts, emails, and even social media posts.

It can help students enhance their vocabulary and correct errors. The end result is that Grammarly will help them improve their writing style and make their articles more engaging. This software helps to change incorrect word placement, enhancing verb to adjective skills and modifying write ups. These are some of the reasons why it is important for every student to get access to Grammarly.

Is Grammarly Software Totally Free for Students?

The free version of Grammarly can be gotten on Grammarly official website. This version only works via web browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. You will have to add the software extension to any of the browser. Once you have done that, follow the necessary instructions and you can start uploading your write ups for reviews. Whether you are a student or not, you can access this version for free. The only set back is that the features of this version are highly limited. You will not have the same services as premium users.

If you enjoy using Grammarly and would love to access more services, you have to purchase a premium account. This version includes vocabulary enhancement suggestions, contextual spelling feature, and plagiarism detection. When correcting any grammar, it will provide detailed explanation on every grammar usage. The Grammarly premium is highly effective and will increase the accuracy of your write-ups.

Grammarly is not totally free for students. What you can get is to take advantage of its discount to purchase a premium account at lesser price. To get this discount, you can click here and then sign up using your students email. You will need to keep doing this every 12 months.  All that is available is for you to access its available discounts.

How to get Grammarly Discount as a Student

Go to the Grammarly discount page and choose one of their plans. The annual plan is $5.42 instead of $11.66 saving you about 54% every year. Click on the select button beside the annual plan to proceed with payment. Once you have input your personal payment details, you can check out to complete your payment. You have now purchased the Grammarly premium at a discounted price and you can begin to use it to improve your grammar and writing styles.

Benefits of using Grammarly as a Student

Grammarly is highly beneficial to students in all levels. It provides adequate writing assistance and tools that helps them to make polished grammar and produce professional write ups. Getting the Grammarly premium account helps students check more than 400 grammar errors. This helps them to save time and increase overall productivity when working on bulky projects

Another benefit is the integrated plagiarism detector that Grammarly has. It checks your write ups and catch any plagiarism from billions of websites and ProQuest proprietary databases. With its integration feature, you can improve your writing on MS Word, and the web.

The Grammarly premium account is twice as active as the free account. It helps students get better academic results when writing essays. It helps with grammar, style, spelling, and even tone. Any error that you might skip will be discovered by Grammarly and it will provide better ways with which you can express yourself.

You can write mistake free articles with Grammarly and feel more confidence with your write ups.


In summary, Grammarly is a software that helps students with concise and accurate grammar. Students can use the software for free just like every other person. They can also choose to subscribe for the discounted premium account to gain access to the best services Grammarly has to offer.

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