Is Metal Detecting Allowed in Florida State Parks


The United States of America’s largest economy State is Florida. It is a state for lots of people who love metal detecting. It is one of the most popular hobbies in Florida. Florida is known for having amazing beaches and parks that are good treasure hunting spots. The state is known for having various opportunities of discovering valuable items. You can find various items like gold nuggets, coins, and relics in Florida. They also have various metal hunting clubs that you can connect with and go hunting with. There are lots of adventures awaiting you there.

Metal detecting is allowed in Florida state parks. However, all the parks have their own Management procedures. They have different rules and regulations that you have to abide by when going treasure hunting. You can hunt freely in Florida beach since loots of then allow metal detecting. State and federal parks in Florida have various rules governing them. Therefore, you will have to find out from the park manager so that you do not flout or break any of them.

Is metal detecting allowed during lockdown

Metal detecting is allowed during the lockdown and it is actually a good sport for the situation. You can go outdoors as much as you want during the lockdown. Since metal detecting is an outdoor activity, you can move around your area seeking targets while also maintaining the social distance rule.

Metal detecting is actually a very good sport for this lockdown rather than staying bored at home. You can get metal detectors online for a very considerate price. It is also a way to move around, exercise your body, and get something doing. If you have kids, you can use it as a bonding moment. It is also a way of teaching them and uncovering great discoveries.

Best metal detector for Florida beaches

Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

If you want to go hunting in a Florida beach, then this is the top pick for you. The Fisher F22 is a very effective metal detector that weighs only 2.3 pounds. It is lightweight and you will have no problem carrying it around. This device has a weatherproof exterior and it is quite durable. It is effective for a beginner and also an expert. It can detect items like artifacts, jewelry, and coins that are buried up to 9 inches underground.

Using this detector, you can put the end inside the water but its control box cannot be submerged in water. So, you have to make sure it stays dry at all times. Another benefit of using this detector is that it has a pinpoint mode. So, you can get the precise location of targets without having to dig aimlessly around. Its 2AA batteries can last for up to 30 hours. However, this detector does not have the capability of detecting gold.

It is about $297.70. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Fisher F75 Metal Detector

This is another Fisher metal detector that is suitable for Florida beach. It is multipurpose and can detect any metallic objects like coins, gold, relics, brass, and so on. This detector is easy to carry around and easy to use. It is also built with an 11” waterproof search coil which means you can scan large places very fast.

Some of its features are Large LCD screen, double filter discrimination mode, and many more.

It is about $549.00. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT

This is one of the best underwater metal detectors on the market. It is submersible in water and can help uncover treasures. You can submerge it unto water up to 10 feet. The Garrett Pro AT has sensitivity settings that you can use to get the precise location of targets.

It is about $149.95. You can purchase it here on Amazon.

XP DEUS Metal Detector

The XP Deus detector is one of the best detectors you can use perfectly well on a Florida beach. It is a wireless detector with remote control and headphones. When you use this detector, you can communicate with a radio signal. It has different options for 4kHz, 8kHz, 12kHz, and 18kHz frequency. What this means is that you can use it to search for coins, relics, and gold. Even though it can be used underwater, the control unit is not water-proof. SO, you have to keep it dry.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Fisher X Aquanaut Metal detector

Finally, if you are looking for a metal detector to use on Florida beach, this is another device you should consider. It is built with a frequency of 2.4 and a long-lasting battery. This detector has a waterproof headphone and belt mount. It can be submerged in water in a depth of 250 feet. It is suitable for treasure hunting in saltwater.

You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Is metal detecting allowed in national forests

Lots of Florida National Forests do not need any sort of authorization before you start your metal detecting activity. The policy of the forest states that it is allowed to use metal detecting for recreational purposes. You can use it to collect relics, coins, gold, brass, and so on. However, to be on the safe side, you can always talk to the Forest manager.

Metal detecting Chattahoochee national forest

When using metal detecting in Chattahoochee National forest, you can only use it for recreational activities. There are certain rules guiding the forest. The first thing is that you should not dig around for objects that are deeply buried in the ground. This is to avoid uncovering or revealing ancestral items. The forest is housing many priceless jewels that might have been buried in the grounds. Any item that has to do with history needs to remain protected. You cannot go around digging on Archaeological grounds.

Whatever you find in the forest should not be used for commercial gains. Before you begin your metal detecting journey on Chattahoochee, the rules guiding the forest will be conveyed to you. You can navigate to their official website to read more about the forest.

Metal detecting in Georgia

Just like Florida, Georgia is also a good state for metal detecting. It is one of the most populated states in the United States. There are Laws guiding metal detecting in the state and you have to abide by them or risk facing penalties. You will be punished severely if you are found guilty of digging, vandalizing, or looting on state lands. To be on the safe side, you need to be familiar with their laws.


Finally, Florida is one of the best states in the United States to hunt for treasures. There are lots of items buried underground waiting to be discovered. You can take advantage of this lockdown to start your metal detecting journey.

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