Is MS Word worth using as a Student? The Cons & Pros

The MS Word is a software that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It is one of the most popular word processor worldwide. It is a word processor that is used by almost every profession you can think of. The best thing for MS Word is that they offer free version of their software to people in the education sector. Students can access the MS Word software and benefit a lot from it. This post is going to explain some of the pros and cons students will get while using MS Word.

MS Word: Overview

Microsoft is one of the most popular word processor that is been used all over the world. The software was released in 1989 and has been upgraded with lots of powerful features since then. Almost all computer users make use of MS Word to format, manipulate, save, print and share text documents. It has been useful in the creation of millions of documents worldwide.

MS Word provides services that increase productivity among students. Students can access the free version of this software as long as they attend an eligible institution. This package also comes with free version of other software like, MS Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and other amazing services. To get the education version of this software as a student, you need to navigate to the official website of Microsoft Office 356.

Is MS Word worth Using as a Student?

Yes, Microsoft Word is worth using as a student.

MS Word makes school work easy and quicker for students. It is quite convenient and lets them type faster when working on a document. The processing of raw facts into information is easy and great using this software. Students can easily use it to transmit resources in school. When typing presentations or project work, MS Word work by highlighting any mistake made by students. It highlights their wrong spellings so that they can correct it. Students are able to observe their mistakes on text documents while working. This can assist them to improve in their grammar and spellings.

Students can use diagrams, charts, smart arts, and various visual explanation tools while using MS Word. They can use these tools to break down complex lessons for better understanding. Visual representation also helps students to learn and understand more on what they are being taught. Another great reason while MS Word is worth using as a student is its collaboration feature. Students can collaborate with themselves and with their educators remotely. Microsoft Word being a cloud based application makes it easy for them to connect anywhere and at any time. They can connect and work together in teams.

The many functions of MS Word helps student work very well on text based documents. They can perform numerous functions using all the many options of MS Word. They can create art works, change fonts, change text of style, and many more. MS Word is a software that is very beneficial to those in the educational sector.

MS Word: The Pros

Microsoft Word is one of the best word processor in the world. It helps students to type as fast as they want. Word is great at correcting misspells, errors and mistakes. The backspace and delete button helps to quickly erase errors on the software. Whatever document you want to create, Word has numerous document templates that you can use. It also has a mail merge function that makes it easy to send out letters to multiple people.

Using MS Word, you can align your text by using the feature on its interface. With a single click, you can center, justify, left align or right align your texts. Another pros of using this software is that you can automatically add bullets and numbers to your texts.

Images and figures can be added easily to your texts when using Word. It can also save in multiple formats of documents and return them back to their original formats. MS Word is quite popular and in demand. This means wherever you are, you will be able to work on your documents on any PC either at home or in school.

Microsoft Word makes it easy to create reports, write letters, use clip arts, add color, and use hundreds of fonts when creating documents. You can also use it to create greeting cards and calendars.  MS Word is a powerful word processing tool with lots of functionalities.

MS Word: The Cons

To use MS Word properly to view or edit document, it usually requires a computer. This might be difficult if you do not have a computer at hand.  It might also be difficult to type in different languages because it does not have certain symbols. Furthermore, some mathematical equations cannot be found on the software. So, students using it to type mathematics documents can encounter a little challenge.

Even with its collaboration feature, only one member of the team can make corrections at a time. This means others will have to wait for the person to be done before they can make their own changes. Shared MS Word documents cannot be edited in real time. The auto correct tool in MS Word can be difficult sometimes. Positioning images and figures can also be a challenge in MS Word.


In summary, MS Word is a powerful tool for students. It is worth using as it is highly beneficial to them. Students can access this software for free and make use of all the services it has to offer.

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