Is there a Student Discount of Prezi?

Presentations are now huge important parts of learning due to the fact that the brain process visual information faster and better. In the education sector today, watching presentations have become a huge part of the education sector. There are lots of software available right now on the market for students to use in creating presentations for educational purposes. Prezi is one of the software that helps students to make beautiful and amazing presentations. If you are a student, it is normal to want the best deal if you decide to subscribe to the Prezi software. This post will guide you on how to get a Prezi discount.

Overview of Prezi

Prezi is a software that helps users to create visual and powerful presentations. It displays lots of information that helps students have a better learning experience. They will be able to memorize and retain important information. Prezi is a great software for students and it offers them numerous benefits.

Prezi is the Hungarian short form of presentation. This presentation tool was founded by Adam Somlai Fischer, Peter Halacsy, and Peter Arvai in Budapest, Hungary in the year 2009. The goal was to make Prezi a worldwide recognized Saas company. They launched their first iPad application in 2011and an iPhone app in 2012. Three years later, they launched an application “Nutshell” which is useful in creating mini-movies via mobile devices. That same year, the Prezi for Android came to life and the following year Prezi Business came to light.

Prezi releases a new HTML5 product in 2017 and that same year, they also acquired Infogram. Since its inception till now, Prezi has achieved great things. As of 2018, they had more than one hundred million users who have used the software to create 325 presentations.

Is there a student discount on Prezi?

If you are asking yourself this question, then the answer to that is YES!

Prezi offers discounts to students and educators who can prove their status. Furthermore, they also have a Basic plan which is totally free for members of an institution. The discount of Prezi is with the EDU Plus plan. The discount is on for the moment, you can check here to see if it is still available. If you notice the discount is still on, you can proceed to payment and begin to make use of Prezi. You can begin to create educational and engaging visuals in no time.

Pricing of Prezi Discount for Student

Prezi has three different packages for students. They are:


This plan is free of charge and you can use it to create beautiful and dynamic videos and presentations. People will be able to see your creations online. It has no discount since it is free of charge to students and educators. This plan has basic features compared to others.

EDU Plus

This is the most popular plan among students and educators. It is $5 monthly but students are expected to pay $3 every month. This plan also offers a 14 days trial period before you are expected to pay. You can activate your trial period here. You will need to provide proof of the information that you are truly a student of that school. It could be your id card or an enrollment letter. Once your eligibility status has been proven, you can now access your trial. This 14 days period will give you the chance you need to use this software and decide whether you will precede with payment or not.

EDU Team

This plan is for higher education and K-12 levels. It cost $600 every year per user and has a minimum of three users. This plan does not offer any discount at the moment.

How to get Access to Prezi Student Discount

To get access to the Prezi student account, navigate to the Prezi Edu website. Before you can access the current discount, you need to sign up for the 14 days trial period. Click on the Start Your Free Trial which is below the EDU Plus. Now, the next page will require you to fill a form of your personal information. Here you will type in your name and email was given to you by your institution. Once you are done, click on continue and follow whatever information follows.

Your membership at the school will be confirmed to determine whether you are eligible or not. The confirmation mail will be in your inbox or spam. Follow whatever instructions come with it. Once your trial period is over, you can now access the discount. You will have to pay $3 instead of the normal $5.


In summary, there is currently a student discount on Prezi at moment. If you still are unable to pay for the discount, you can go for the basic package which is totally free for students. The only challenge is that it is restrictive and does not have complete functionalities.

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