10 Best Job Search Apps (Android/iPhone) 2020

Thankfully, the days of going from one place to another to search for jobs and, searching through multiple newspapers are over. Those days are behind us, because now whether it is a new job you need or you wish to improve your position in another company, all you need is Job search apps. Also, these apps have multiple job vacancies and recommendations based on the pre-filled statistics or details required for a position. Also, getting a job interview is easier now with these apps, and the process of hectic job searching has been eliminated.

 Job search apps

Now, we know that going through the internet and searching for job search apps, can be tough because there are many of them. So, to help you narrow the search, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of these job search apps to guide your next job search. If you’re ready, let’s explore these job search options.

10 Best Job Search Apps (Android/iPhone)

  1. Monster Jobs

job search apps-Monster Jobs

Used and downloaded by millions worldwide for full or part-time job roles, mainly in the U.S and other familiar cities, Monster jobs, is among the best job search apps in the game. Also, it makes a thorough process of searching for a job easy and quick and saves time and energy for other activities. In addition, it has options to upload resume for desired job vacancies. You do not need to wait anymore, use monster jobs to find that dream job now.

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  1. Indeed Job Search

job search apps-Indeed Job Search

If we are talking of top job search apps in the world, indeed is top on this list. Indeed is a job search app with access to about 16 million jobs in about 60 countries worldwide. In addition, it supports 28 languages and is available across Android and iOS device. Also, you can download this app now to search for jobs near your location with multiple filter options like position, work hours and pay grade.

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  1. LinkedIn Job Search

job search apps-LinkedIn Job Search

Unlike most people think, LinkedIn isn’t just a social media platform, but also a powerful job search app. So, if you’ve been using linked-in for some time now, you will discover across your timeline certain job ads for a certain group of qualified persons. You can apply for job positions with your linked in profile, once you let LinkedIn know that you are searching for a job. This app will keep an eye out for the position you desire. Also, it has a Global network of corporations that could offer you an interview if you are qualified. This is how handy linked-in can be. If you’re serious about job searching, you should probably have LinkedIn on your list of job search apps to use.

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  1. Glassdoor Job Search, Salaries & Reviews

job search apps-Glassdoor Job Search, Salaries & Reviews

Just like indeed, Glassdoor also has a massive database of prospective jobs. Glassdoor offers it’s users anonymous tips using its database to give you the prospective company’s, current reviews, salaries, and even interview methods. In addition, with Glassdoor, it is easy to check if you are earning according to your skills worth. It can also help job hunters save jobs, apply for them and even notify current job employees of new intending positions that match their prominent needs and skills.

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  1. ExpressJobs Job Search & Apply

ExpressJobs Job Search & Apply

Understand this ExpressJobs is more than just a job search app. This app will help you organize yourself before and after you start your new role. So, first, it maps out all the nearby jobs around your locality and provides you with good options that you can apply for. In addition, you can also save jobs for future reviews and share them on social media with this app. Furthermore, this mobile app, can also record and organize your job schedule, and keep track of your payment history and more.

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  1. CareerBuilder: Find a Job & Find Job Opportunities

CareerBuilder: Find a Job & Find Job Opportunities

Unlike other job search apps, careerbuilder is mainly interested in the skill, you’ve got and not only want to help you find your next job position, but also foster your potential. Also, it is a great tool if you’re looking at fostering your career. By the way, it also includes basic job search functions like searching for jobs by various filters, search by location and even the ability to apply or save the job for later purposes.

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  1. Shine.Com Job Search

Shine.Com Job Search

From regular to walk-in jobs, shine.com provides easy and simple ways to find jobs for its users. In addition, Job hunters on this platform have a wide range of options to select from, as they basically search for jobs on the basis of their location, job title, industry, salary and more. With this app, you can also view jobs matching your profile and receive daily job alerts. You can create a profile now to get started.

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  1. Good & Co: Culture Fit Jobs

Good & Co: Culture Fit Jobs

Before searching for a Job, there are things to consider, like tough personality questions that can improve your job search type. Good & Co, works very well as a personality app and a job search app. Also, it is a perfect combination of the two. In addition, it helps you solve job search related riddles, in the form of questions on your mind and, guides you to the level of your skills. You can complete a personal quiz like “big-five personality test” and “Myers-Briggs”.

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  1. TimesJobs – Job search and Career Opportunities

TimesJobs – Job search and Career Opportunities

Make quick and easy decisions on selecting your desired job, and have an interaction with your recruiter before actually meeting them with Timesjobs mobile app. In addition, you can search for jobs, explore company reviews, prepare for interviews and compare salaries or recruiting companies. TimesJobs is a platform dedicated to helping people make smart career decisions. Similarly, with this in mind, they have designed this amazing app with a large collection of jobs. This ensures that wherever you go, they are a part of your desired career and job search.

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  1. HireWire – Job Search

HireWire - Job Search

Getting a new job is now faster with Hirewire job search app. This platform is aimed at getting users a new job faster and quicker than expected. Furthermore, it is especially, for users who are out of jobs and are eagerly looking for work. HireWire, has an interactive panel where employers quickly check out, vital information on the people they intend to employ. It also has in-built options like scheduling an interview, video calls with prospective employers and text chat with local firms.

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Finding your preferred job while sitting at home is now possible with job search apps. Also, they were made to make your job search easy and simple. In addition, they can also process the first phase of your applications, schedule an interview with the prospective company. They also foster your personal skills for improved performance on your next job role. Try these apps today.

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