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10 Best Keyboard Apps (Android And iPhone) 2019

Choosing the best keyboard apps is very good. Why? Because many social media networks also have or run different texting platforms for registered users to communicate virtually with one another. This has lead to the growing need of popular chat functions like fonts, emoji’s, GIF, stickers and many more. These chat functions are made readily available to users via keyboards. A standard in-build keyboard app contains the regular qwerty keys and old styled emojis.

Best Keyboard Apps

With the growing social media market, these regular keyboards and emoji’s have gone out of place. Nowadays users want something stylish, fun and exciting to triple the effect of chat conversations and help them express their feelings in a more conversational way. This soothing need brings us to this conversation today on the top 10 best keyboard apps available to Android and iPhone users.

10 Best Keyboard Apps for Android and iPhone

  1. Google Indic Keyboard

Google Indic Keyboard

This keyboard app lets you type text messages, chat conversations and even compose emails in your own native language. Google Indic is more of a language keyboard app for Android. It provides the keyboard in different languages including English, Tamil, Kannada, Assamese, Bengali and Hindi. This app also supports different input modes. Additional options like translation mode are also included in this app. Download the app from the PlayStore for free.

  1. Gboard – The Google keyboard


Similar to other keyboard apps, but unlike them. Gboard is one of the best keyboard apps for iPhone. It is great with in-build GIF, Emoji and Google search feature. With this keyboard, you can send and search for almost anything on the Google platform, you can download new GIF, emojis and add them to your keyboard list of collections.
Download Gboard for iOS now.

  1. Swiftkey keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard

Swiftkey is an intelligent keyboard app that can help you understand your writing style to enable you to type faster. This keyboard is full of interesting GIF, emojis and stickers for text and chats conversations. The app tries to learn and adapt to your unique typing style, and save automatically your chat slang’s, nicknames and all your mostly used emoji for future purposes. Cool features like auto correct and helpful predictions to help you get your point across fast without interruption are also in-built. Download Swiftkey from the PlayStore now. Swiftkey is also available for download on the iOS Platform.

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  1. Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons

Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons

If you’re looking for good keyboard apps with updated emojis, GIF, accurate word predictions and autocorrect. Emoji keyboard is the app for you. With this app, you can easily share fancy stickers, emojis and GIF anywhere whether by text SMS or via email messages. Additional features like 1,000 keyboard themes and keyboard customizations are contained in the app. Get this Keyboard from the PlayStore now.

  1. FancyKey – Keyboard Themes


FancyKey is a fully customizable keyboard; one of the cutest keyboard apps for iPhone. It’s cool personalized features will suit your thriving personality, as it contains up to 50 in-app keyboard themes, where you can also set your images as a theme if you want. Several amazing fonts for display and an advance auto correction machine. Living a life of superb typing, accurate helpful predictions and ranging types of emojis are possible with this FancyKey app. Get it on the AppleStore now for free.

  1. My Photo Keyboard

My Photo Keyboard

Available to Android users, this app is a tool to customize your Android typing experience with beautiful themes, font styles, dictionaries and settings. Among other keyboard apps for Android, this particular app allows you to set your photo as the keyboard background. This is a personalization effect many users find exciting. My Photo keyboard has more than 500 GIF, 1,000 cool stickers and emoji arts to give users that new level experience that they deserve. You can download this keyboard on the PlayStore for free if you are an Android user.

  1. Go Keyboard

Go Keyboard

Another keyboard app for Android and iPhone users on our list today is Go Keyboard. It is unique for its simple and clean interface and very few customization options. Go Keyboard contains a variety of themes, custom symbols and swipes types to give you that awesome typing experience. It is currently one of the best keyboard apps available for use right now. Download Go Keyboard for iOS devices. Android users can get it from the PlayStore too.

  1. Fast Typing Keyboard

Fast Typing Keyboard

With a great app like fast typing keyboard. You can completely change the way you type messages. As you customize the look of your keyboard with amazing fonts and fun click sounds. Additional options to set your photo on the keyboard background are also available. Fast typing app includes tons of emojis and stickers for expression purposes, with the latest design themes to customize your experience. Using this app is a great way to enjoy chatting and text messaging to family, friends and relatives across all social platforms. Get fast typing keyboard on PlayStore for free now.

  1. TouchPal Keyboard


Another best and popular keyboard app available to Android/iPhone users is the amazing TouchPal app. The most interesting thing about Touchpal is its multi-collection of beautiful keyboard themes to apply. It also has similar features like swipe typing, word suggestions, emoji predictions and many more. TouchPal stands to be one of the popularly used keyboard apps for both Android and iOS devices respectively. Download TouchPal on the PlayStore now.

  1. Emoji keyboard

Emoji keyboard

For customize and amazing emoji, themes and fun stickers, I recommend this cool emoji keyboard. With an amazing collection of beautiful themes, HD Colourful emojis and emoticons. This keyboard app is free and works with rooted devices. It is an awesome tool for messaging and chat on social media applications like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Download this cool emoji keyboard on the PlayStore for free now.

In conclusion, experience another level of typing on your mobile device as you try out this 10 amazing keyboard apps for Android and iPhone. Pick one of these keyboard apps to truly customize your keyboard and give your typing style that special touch. I’m looking forward to hearing your personal review of these apps immediately. Don’t stop here, check them out now.


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