Why Lagos Is Better Than Abuja From A Technology Perspective

Written by Abe Cherian

Our society has been immensely changed with the birth of technology. Before the advent of technology, life has been cumbersome and complex but with technology, everything is getting easier and simple. Take, for example, Instead of walking under the scorching sun to buy groceries and other items from a busy market, with the introduction of online shopping platforms like Jumia, Payporte, Konga etc. shopping is just a simple click away inside your own house with a smartphone or computer system.

Nigeria, a nation with thirty-six states is growing rapidly in technological advancement every day everyday but among this thirty-six states, two states stand tall over the rest in the aspect of technological growth. These states are none other than Abuja and Lagos State. Over the years, Temper have risen, spits have been flying and  argument as been intense over which state is better from a technological perspective between Abuja and Lagos. This article will give you five undeniable reasons why Lagos is better than Abuja from a technological perspective.

lagos is better than abuja



At the 5th regular meeting of the  National Council on Communication Technology (NCCT 2017), Lagos state was ranked number one in the following categories : Best state in ICT infrastructure development, Best state in E-government implementation and Best over all performing state in ICT development in Nigeria.


Lagos state is the home of Computer village and Alaba International Market. Computer village is the largest ICT  hub in Africa and also the home to prominent dealers of mobile phones, computers and its accessories While Alaba international market  is the biggest market for electrical appliances, electronics, electronic accessories and electronics repair in Nigeria.


With the high cost of data among service providers, not everyone can afford internet subscription but Lagos state has highest number of places you can walk in with your phone or laptop to access free Wi-Fi. Yes free Wi-Fi with blazing speed! Such places include Ndubuisi Kanu Park located at Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos; Muri-Okunola Park which is located at Victoria Island, Flobyt centres etc. Flobyt which was launched by Don jazzy is as a free WiFi service installed across partner locations in Lagos like eateries, parks, taxis, buses and other locations.


From Dataflex Nigeria Limited to Jumia, Konga, Sidmach Technologies, Pixie Technologies etc. Lagos state houses more technological companies and headquarters in Nigeria than any other states thereby making it easy for tech graduate to get employed.


Lagos state has the highest number of web and application developers which innovations as immensely contributed to the growth of Nigeria. For example, Jobberman a website which helps employers fill their vacancies quickly and cost-effectively by giving them access to the most relevant pool of qualified job-seekers was founded by a Lagosian by the name Ayodeji Adewunmi. An example is “Oga taxi” an application which matches drivers with passengers who request rides and so many more.

Worth of note, some tech services and solutions are present in both states, an example of such is Travelstart which offer quality, affordable cheap flights option among other great services.


After reading this, you won’t argue with me when I say Lagos is better than Abuja from a technological perspective. If you are curious enough to find out yourself, you may want to check out the best flight from Lagos to Abuja for those trying have a feel of the federal capital territory. Lagos state with the slogan center of excellence has been doing an excellent job in their technology sector and  have rightfully earned the prestigious title – The Smart city of Nigeria and with the way things are panning out the Lagos state government is not slowing down and very soon, Lagos will be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Cario and  Johannesburg in technological advancement in Africa.

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