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Lightbox is a streaming video platform that was founded in 2014 by Spark. It is mainly focused on providing their subscribers with Television series. With just a monthly subscription, you can have access to various television contents from anywhere in the world. To be sure you are getting your money’s worth; you can first opt for the free trial of Lightbox which lasts for 30 days.

After their success with offering television series, they introduced a rental service in 2018. This means that you can rent movies and pay per view on a daily basis. You can rent and watch blockbusters and epic films. If you are already a customer of Spark, then you get to enjoy free mobile plans and broadband. Lightbox is a very worthy choice for people looking for a video streaming platform with diverse content. This post is going to direct you on how you can use it without paying for the first month.

Lightbox free trial: Overview

The free trial of Lightbox is only for individuals who do not have a former account with them. When you are signing up, you can either choose a free trial for a Lightbox Premium or Lightbox Standard plan. If you choose the first, then you will be able to download TV series and also stream on four different devices at the same time.

As for the latter, you will not be able to download and you can only stream on two different devices at once. However, if you are still contemplating which plan to choose, you can switch between both during your trial period.

As soon as your Lightbox free trial ends, you will be charged on whatever subscription you opt for. If you decide not to go ahead with payment, you will need to pay before thirty days elapses.

How to get Lightbox free trial

To sign up for Lightbox and begin your free trial, visit their official website. Once you have done that, click on the “Start your free trial” button. Then you will have to enter your personal details and choose a plan.

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After this, input your payment details. That is all, it is very easy. You can now use Lightbox without paying for thirty days. You can now start streaming the latest episodes of your television series.

Lightbox pricing and plans

Once your Lightbox free trial expires, you will have to proceed with a payment plan. As I have mentioned earlier in this post, Lightbox has two different subscriptions. The first is the Standard which allows you to stream on two screens simultaneously. It is $12.99 every month and free for Spark clients. The second one is the Premium which grants access to offline-view. You can download films on your device and watch them later. With this plan, you can watch on four devices at once. It is $15.99 per month for non-customers and $3 for people with Spark plans. If you want to save mobile data, it is advisable to get the Premium plan so that you can use watch films offline.

Every user is eligible for a 30-days free trial with either plan. For both plans, you can register five different devices.

Rentals start at about $4.99 for old films while it is $6.99 for a newer release. To rent films, you do not need a monthly plan. As long as you have a Lightbox account, you will be able to rent.

Devices compatible with Lightbox

Before signing up for Lightbox free trial, you should know which device it will work with. Lightbox is highly compatible with many devices. You can stream movies on your computer’s browser or download via your mobile devices (Androids, tablets, smartphones, and IOS). In addition to that, you can watch on televisions such as LG Web OS Smart tv, Samsung Smart television, Chromecast, Apple TV, and game consoles like PS3 and PS4.

Contents on Lightbox

If you subscribe to Lightbox, you get access to lots of great content. You can watch comedy series like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, and Seinfield. Popular shows like The Handmaids Tale, The Good Doctor, Preacher, Castle Rock, Outlander, The Americans, Modern Family, and Suits.

You can also keep your kids entertained with animations like SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, and many more. There are also documentaries and reality shows available. As for rentals, you can rent films classic films like Jumanji, Taxi, Madmax, Oceans 8, Game Night, and lots more.


Finally, you can take advantage of the Lightbox free trial for 30 days before you make any payment. This will enlighten you and help you realize whether the platform will meet your needs or not. You can now start watching your series and keep yourself entertained.


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