List of Software like 3uTools for Android

Many people are now looking for different ways to back up their mobile devices to their personal computers. The demand for this kind of application will keep increasing with the rise of technology. If you make use of your phones for business, work, or educational purposes, it is very important that you make backup a necessity. 3uTools is a tool used in flashing IOS devices like iPad, iPod, and iPhone. It is useful in managing photos, videos, music, multimedia, and ringtones. If you are using an Android device, there is software like 3utools for android and this post will mention them.

What is 3utools?

3uTools is an IOS tool that is efficient in flashing Apple mobile devices. It is a software that has many useful and important features and it is strictly designed for IOS users. Users can use it to back up their data, convert videos, fix icons, make ringtone, and many more. There are hundreds of applications, ringtones, and wallpapers that you can access for download via the 3uTools software.

3uTools is an efficient software for managing files and data. It provides a platform for the easy management of applications, ringtones, music, videos, and other multimedia files. In addition to that, the software offers users a flashing and jailbreak function.  You can as well use it to clean up junk files, make ringtones, and convert video formats. There are numerous wallpapers and ringtones that you can download for free.

List of Software like 3utools for Android

Android & iOS Manager

This is a software like 3uTools for android that makes it easy to transfer files and data between Android and computer. The best thing about it is that it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can use it to preview and manage the data on your Android before backing it up and restoring it in selection. It can also allow you to download your audios and videos online for free and convert videos and audios to mobile devices and tablets. All your messages, multimedia, and contacts can be transferred easily to your computer and restored easily on your Androids.

You can download this software here.

Syncios Data Transfer

This is a platform that lets android users transfer data and perform back up on their devices. It is not only for Android users as it also works for iOS devices. With a single click, you can recover everything on your Android device. Data transfer is a software that works like 3uTools. It lets users back up various types of data which include SMS, ebooks, applications, photos, contacts, call logs, calendar, music, and so on. This platform has an organized interface which makes it one of the most sought-after applications on the market. It can help backup and restore your data without any reduction or loss in quality.

You can download this software here.

Titanium Backup

This is a software like 3uTools for rooted android devices. It provides that platform to backup applications and files for rooted Android devices. Titanium Backup is quite popular for its efficiency and reliability. You can use it to back applications and data like SMS logs, contacts, and other data. The free version of the software lets you back up to the internal storage while the PRO version gives you more functions. It lets you have more right to backup Android data like MMS, call logs, bookmarks, Wi-Fi AP in .xml format.

You can download this software here.


This is also another software like 3utools for android. SyncDroid provides a platform where you can back up data in Wi-Fi and USB connection. You can try this application if you do not want to keep your data with Multiway. This software an easy to use platform for you to back up data like contacts, calendar, custom dictionary, SMS, and photos, You will be able to create a backup for your Android phone and also restore it whenever you deem fit.

You can download this software here.

Super Backup

This is a fast and easy data backup software like 3uTools for Android. It is one of the best file management tools you can choose for your Android device. You can use this software to backup your SMS, call logs, bookmarks, and contacts to your Android internal storage or Google account. With Gmail, you will have to manually back up your files to the cloud or computer.

You can download this software here.

Conclusion (software like 3utools for android)

In summary, there are lots of software like 3uTools for android on the market. You need to find the one that will suit your needs and perform all the functions you want. This post mentioned the five best software you can use to manage and backup your data on Android.


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