List of Software like TeamViewer

TeamViewer has been the most popular and go-to remote management software in the industry. It has been the lead choice for people who are looking for a remote management system. Although it is a great tool, TeamViewer has numerous complaints over the years.  People have complained about the price of the software and the difficulty in using it. If you have been searching for various software like TeamViewer, then you are in the right place. We have evaluated five software that could serve as an alternative and replace TeamViewer at the moment.

What is Teamviewer?

TeamViewer is a remote management software that is designed for IT service. It provides a platform to monitor remote systems, networks, and client endpoints. You can use this application to monitor devices like Windows, Linux, and MACOS to identify any problem that might arise. Team members in an organization can also use TeamViewer to connect online even if they are in different locations.

This software has powerful remote access features and an intuitive interface that is easy to use. Furthermore, it is useful for desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing, and transferring files between computers. Some of the functionalities on TeamViewer include identifying unattended access, ticket assignment, and wake-on-LAN. Some of its setbacks include quality of image, security, and cost. There are other software like TeamViewer on the market with upgraded features and better functionalities.

List of Software like Teamviewer

Dameware Remote Everywhere

This is a cloud-based remote management software like TeamViewer. It provides a platform for businesses and organizations to provide seamless and fast access to remote devices. This software can monitor and record sessions in real-time and also upload data on the cloud. Dameware is very reliable and easy to use even for beginners. This software is compatible with operating systems like Linux, MACOS, and Windows. It has a direct management tool that allows admins to add users, grant permission, and access. Furthermore, it can also help arrange meetings online with team members and other users.


This is a reliable replacement for those looking for software like TeamViewer.  You can always access and download it via devices like Android, iPhone, Mac, Linux, and Windows. Mikogo does not require any special installation procedure. Once downloaded, you can use it to connect about 25 users on the same computer. Administrators or anyone with access control can control the remote machine and switch roles when necessary. The data transfer tool on the platform can help transfer and exchange information among every user. When using this application, you can use it to record sessions, sent messages, and also share your screen. The screen sharing lets users have total control of other users’ desktops.

Chrome Remote Desktop

This is another remote software that is just as popular as TeamViewer. It is totally free and you can set it up easily. Chrome Remote provides a connection between remote machines and gives users total control over remote computers. To use this software, you will need to get the Google Chrome extension. It can run on various devices, platforms, and browsers where the Google search engine is running. If you want to download it for your mobile devices, you will need to get the application for that. The Chrome Remote Desktop can be used as remote management software and file sharer as it does not have certain features like video conferencing, screen sharing, and many more.

VNC Connect

RealVNC is a remote access software like TeamViewer that is used for personal and commercial purposes. When compared with TeamViewer in terms of flexibility, security, cost, sharing functions, VNC has an edge over it. It is safe to use and can help protect your online session with encryption. It does its encryption with complex password settings, 2-factor authentication, and 128-bit AES. This platform has a VNC Viewer application which users can get for free and then the Licensed Server that can be used to remotely control machines. To be able to grant permissions on this software, you will need to create an account. Whether you get the Server or Viewer, you do not need a firewall or router to be discovered on the internet. With the paid version of this software, you will have control on an unlimited number of remote machines.


This is another remote desktop software that can be an alternative to TeamViewer. It provides the platform for users to access files, applications, and projects remotely. You can access it via devices like desktops, smartphones, Windows, MACOS, and Linux. When using Splashtop, you might need to pay an extra fee to get additional and upgraded features. Its features and functions vary in price. Splashtop has a free version that provides access to up to 5 devices that are all connected to a local network. You can only use this version for non-commercial purposes.

Conclusion (Software like TeamViewer)

In summary, there are lots of software like TeamViewer that provides better capabilities. You need to use the trial/free version of any software you decide to opt for before purchasing its premium/paid version.

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