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10 Best Logo Design App for Android And iOS

Written by Rexs

Are you looking for a logo design app for Android or iPhone? There are numerous reasons why you might want to design your logo all by yourself. The cost of designing a beautiful logo for a brand is very expensive these days. Therefore, installing an app to help you design your logo won’t be a bad idea. logo design app

You know, the other time, I listed graphic design apps for Android and iPhone. In that article, we shared various apps that you can use to make varieties of graphic designs including a logo. I would like you to take a look at the article when you finish reading this post. Okay?

Now, In this short post, I will be listing 10 best logo design apps that will be suitable for Android and iPhone. So, if you have been looking for the best app for logo design, make your choice from the following list.

10 Logo Design Apps for Making Awesome Logos.

  1. Logo maker

logomaker + logocreatorThis is a popular app among logo creators. Due to its uniqueness, the app has been downloaded by millions of people on both Android and iOS. This app has features that allow you to work with ease and with speed. It has features like shapes icons and symbols up to 3000. You can also get the features that allow you to save your unfinished work and allow you to resume from where you stopped.

  1. Designapp

designappsThis is part of another popular app included in our list of logo design app. The app lets Android and iOS users work with absolute ease for free. It helps you with simple things for designing a logo.

It provides you with numerous features allowing you to do basic things listed like the other apps in this article.

  1. DesignMantic

designmanticDesignMantic is a logo app available for Android and iOS users. The tool allows you to create an identity to sign up on the app before you begin designing and also allows you to save your works. It takes just very little time to assess this app for people that already know what they want to do because everything on it is so easy to use.

  1. Logo Maker

logomakerA lot of people already know and have access to this app because it really worths to be part of the best logo design apps for Android and iOS. Logo Maker grants you to easily make logos and add filters to your logos and lay themes on it. There are a lot of fonts available on this app that other apps do not offer.

  1. Desygner

desygnerThis is another app that allows you to design a logo with ease. You do not need to be an expert to know how to use it. When looking for a logo design app, don’t forget to test this tool out. Desygner has a lot of features like more than a hundred templates and fonts you can use and apply to your logo creation. This app has amazing and basic features that allow you to create and design graphics on your Android or iOS.

  1. Logo Maker by Shopify

logomaker by shopifyThere are a lot of templates on this app useable for Android and iOS. The logo maker allows you to create an amazing design with features including hundreds of fonts with different formats. Since it provides the best convenience for its users, any beginner or expert can use the app to design a logo.

  1. Free Monogram Maker

free monogramThis app has a good reason to be the best logo design app as it allows you to easily create your favourite logo designs and make a monogram for free. Allowing you to easily design any good logo according to your style and providing good fonts at your disposal.

Free Monogram Maker is one of the best logo makers for Android and iOS.

  1. Adobe Illustrator Draw

adobe Illustrator drawAdobe Illustrator Draw has a lot of tools allowing you to design the best logos. It has more features than most of its competitors. This app has hundreds of symbols and fonts, making you style and design the company logo to your taste. Logos you can use for professional use is what this app is mostly used for. When looking for apps like Photoshop, this tool should come handy. It also makes you share your designs before official release among people around you. The app is available for Android and iOS users.

  1. Flying Logo Builder

flying logo builderThis is another unique app that is very good and has a lot of users. You can download it if you are using Android or any iOS devices. It makes it easy for you to design and know the kind of features you are interested in using from the fonts to the shapes, symbols and more. It has a quality option for texts and fonts. This features will allow you to create the best logo and graphics.

  1. Brandee

brandeeBrandee is another best app for logo designs that lets you design stylishly and uniquely. You are free to use this app to design quality logos for personal or professional purposes. This app also has the features of a lot of stickers, symbols and more. It is available to you on either your Android or iOS devices. You can select from the varieties of options it has for you in creating an identity for your logo.


Whether for a business or personal reason, with a logo design app, you can create a fantastic logo. These apps listed above can lift a burden off your neck especially when you aren’t a professional graphic designer. With amazing features, these apps would let you have the most quality logos to own. Allowing you to make amazing and unique logos according to your preference, these apps are the best to try out.

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