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30-Days Lynda Free Trial – How to Signup or Cancel Your Plan

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Here’s lynda free trial review and ways to signup to their 30-days plan for free. You know, it is not all online courses or learning websites that offer a free trial. However, some of them like will even offer you a month free trial base on conditions. Others will give you these free trials without conditions.

Lynda Free TrialMoreover, this is just the centre focus of today’s article, but our major concern is on Lynda. Is signing up for Lynda free trial with or without credit card possible? Follow us step by step as we reveal the answer to you.

The Lynda free trial – Steps on how to sign up for free

We are sure that you are aware that Lynda offers a wide range of different courses which include audio, home computing, video, 3D animation, etc. They also have experts’ authors in their respective industries. Looking at all these things, you will agree with me that it causes money to maintain. That is why after their free trial which is for a month, they will charge you subsequently after a month. So dear readers, below are the steps;

  1. Go to their websites


When you are on the website, study it over again. Yes, we know you already have knowledge of what Lynda entails. Moreover, a quick study might just help you to discover new things.

  1. Start your free month trial

On the page, you will discover that is now LinkedIn Learning. And you will also see a long yellow rectangular shape where ‘start my free month’ is written. Start your free monthClick on it and it will take you to the LinkedIn page.

  1. You are now on the LinkedIn page

They will present two free trial options for you to choose from. One is a monthly and the other, annually.

LinkedIn page

When you click on the monthly Lynda free trial, your renewal fee will be $29.99 per month while the annually free trial renewal fee is $24.99 per month.

  1. Click on a try for free

Assuming you are going for the monthly free trial, under it you will see try for free. Click on it and it will take you to a page where you will be asked to either sign or join LinkedIn.

Click on a try for free

Note: if you do not have a LinkedIn account before you will have to click on join in to open an account. And once you have been confirmed that your account has been successfully created, go back to Lynda website.

  1. Go back to Lynda website

Now at this point, after you have successfully created an account with LinkedIn you will need to go back to website.

When you are on the page click on sign in, and click on sign in with LinkedIn. Ensure you still remember your LinkedIn email address and password.

  1. Click on try it for free

Another page will appear, when you look up you will see existing members.

Click on try it for free

That is, it only those that are already members should sign in. Just look down and you will see ‘Not a member? Try it for free’. Click on try it for free.

  1. Monthly or Annually package

Like we discussed earlier on, the choice is yours to make. So let us assume that you go for the monthly packages. Under it, you will see ‘try for free’ click on it.

Monthly or Annually package

  1. Enter a correct email address and password

At this point, you will be asked to fill in your email address and password.

Enter a correct email address and password

It must be the same as the one you use in creating a LinkedIn account. Then click on sign in.

  1. Start your 1-month free trial

Start your 1-month free trial

Now you can proudly say that you are almost there. However, for you to fully subscribe to the learning subscription you have just 2 more steps. These steps are on the page. The first is to confirm your billing cycle while the second is to select your payment method.

  1. Start using your free trial

This is the last step. Having enter your payment method which is very important to complete the whole process. Click on review order and you are done. Please make sure it is the correct details that you entered.

Is it possible for me to be charged doing my free trial?

The answer to the question is capital ‘NO’. Come on, they have already called it a free trial which simply means that there is no payment attached. Once you have signed in, the date you started and the date that it will end will be given to you. Although, they always advise their customers to always cancel the free trial before the ending date. If you do not do that, you stand the chance of being charged automatically.

How can I successfully cancel free trial?

The only way you can successfully cancel your free trial after signing up is simple. On your signup page, a link will appear on the setting page. Go to the link and follow all the steps.


Now, having discussed the various steps on which we can follow to successfully sign up for Lynda free trial, we believe we have also answered your pressing question. From all what we have discussed, we can now see that it is not possible to sign up to Lynda free trial without a credit card. Credit card information details are the last step and it is very important. We are positive that this article is useful to you, please leave a comment.

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