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Main Features of the Microsoft Word Software

Main Features of Microsoft Word – Introduction

It is with great interest to discuss in this article the main features of Microsoft Word; it includes some you may have been used to and others you probably overlook. The undeniable truth is that some of the features that seem to appear advance are meant to solve greater task in a simple way. I am going to take it easy on you by patiently taking you through the advanced features.

Main Features of Microsoft Word

Here are some advanced and main features of Microsoft Word that may be hidden but are meant to solve problematic issues in a simple way.

Outlined View

This, as one of the main features of Microsoft Word enables you to present your document in a unique and organized way. It has the heading style which is meant to organize your plan, ideas or thought in a hierarchical way. It makes you able to move around topics, subtopics easily.

  1. It makes formatting your text consistent.
  2. You can rearrange the complexity of complex document.
  3. You can rearrange topics
  4. It makes it easy for you to create tables of contents
  5. The outlined view is great to use whenever you have to expand, add and collapse the body of your text and table.
How to go to Outline View
  1. You need to click the view tab ribbon
  2. Next, select the outline icon on the status bar
  3. It takes you to the outlining tab, you can make use of the drop-down list on the outlining tab within the ribbon to choose a level


Citation is one of the main features of Microsoft word. You can easily cite your sources when writing a document. This is paramount especially when writing research. Although, you must add a source used in order to provide a citation.

  1. It makes you give credit to other researches for a work well done.
  2. It makes your reader really sure of a proper research conducted.
  3. Research well carried out is free from plagiarism.
  4. You can easily cite conveniently using a bibliography or reference list.

How to add a citation as feature in Microsoft word

  1. Go to the References tab
  2. On the Citation & Bibliography group, tap on the drop-down arrow to select a style.
  3. Next, click on insert citation on the reference tab.


Another main feature in Microsoft Word is the equation. You can easily insert an equation in your document using Microsoft word. There are instances where you may not like a giving equation. Do not be discouraged because you can also edit, change or write your own equation.

How to use a preset equation in Microsoft word
  1. You need to position your cursor where you want the equation to appear.
  2. Tap on the Insert tab in the ribbon
  3. Next, you will see the Equation button in the Symbol group at the end of the tab (Click on it).
  4. Select your desired equation form the Built-In section or go to More Equations from Office.com.

To Insert Equations yourself in Microsoft word

  1. Select the Insert tab in the ribbon
  2. Click the Equation button in the Symbols button group. (A blank equation field appears in your document.)
  3. Use the Symbols and Structures button groups to enter an equation into the blank field.

Find and Replace

Talking about the Find and Replace as one of the main features of MIcrosoft Word, you may have spent substantial time working on a huge document and in the process of proofreading, an error like spelling to a word mostly used has occurred. Do not panic! You can save ample time by using this relevant feature of Microsoft word. This can search for all the occurrence of that particular word, phrase or set of characters and replace them with an alternative.

  1. It saves you quality time of going through an entire document.
  2. You can easily correct a word, phrase or set of characters by just selecting it once in a box.

How to use Find and Replace feature in Microsoft Word:

  1. Firstly, on your Home tab, you will find the Replace Click on it or press Ctrl+H
  2. Next, you may enter the word or phrase you wish to locate in the Find
  3. In the process, select Find Next until you have covered the entire word to be replaced.
  4. Then, select Replace or Replace All.


Also one of the main features of Microsoft word. It places some faint image in the form of a text, photo or even a logo in the background of your document. You may also decide to customize yours. Not many of us are used to this important Microsoft word feature because we lack the essential benefits of it.

  1. The major advantage is that it prevents people from using your document without your permission to do so.
  2. You can also make a living out of it by just uploading it online.
  3. Fortunately, you cannot alter the descriptive caption on your document.
How to use the Watermark in Microsoft Word

Follow these steps to use one of these main features of Microsoft Word:

  1. Firstly, Open an existing document
  2. Next, click on the Design tab
  3. Then, you will see Watermark button at the upper-right part of the window (Click on it).
  4. Here, you get to customize the watermark using dialog box settings. You can choose to use a text or picture as watermark.
  5. Finally, click on OK

Let us take a moment here and quickly take a look at other most important features of Microsoft word.

Other Main features of Microsoft Word


In addition, talking about other main features of Microsoft Word, with this, you can easily choose the best font that suits your document. Also, the default font is usually Calibri or Times New Roman while the default font size can be 11 or 12 point.

Line Spacing

Also one of the main features of Microsoft word. As much as you design your document, you may want to consider making some formatting. More so, this is where you use line and paragraph spacing. Additionally, the vertical space between the lines of your document can be controlled via the setting.

Background Color

Yet one of the features of Microsoft Word that we use when attempting to add interest for our readers on the screen.

Checking Spelling

Also is one of the main features of Microfsoft Wod that is used to check for spelling and grammatical mistakes using the Spelling and Grammar dialog box.

Header and Footer

Also, this as one of the main features of Microsoft Word is used to save space in other areas of our document. We also use it to accommodate image, text, or logo sometimes in order to provide our document a better look.

Main Features of Microsoft Word: Conclusion

So far, you have been provided with the main features of Microsoft Word. Therefore, I want to believe you are content with the information provided. So, thanks for taking the time to go through!


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