MATLAB Free Download For Windows 10, 7, 8.1

matlab free download for windows 10
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In this article, you will learn how to get Matlab free download for Windows 10, 7, 8.1 and install it. Do you enjoy solving mathematics questions; are you a science student, in the engineering department or studying computer science? If your answer is yes, what is common to those fields is Mathematics.

You must love Maths to major in those subjects. Well, you may not like it but you need to learn Mathematics because almost everything you do or use in this world has Mathematics input. Hence, in this post, I will explore how you can get Maths resources to help you excel in Mathematics at school, work or business. But to get the software, you must register on the MathWorks website and have a MathWorks account.

So what is MathWorks? MatLab is owned by MathWorks a foremost Mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists.

matlab free download for windows 10

The organization started in 1984 and has spread into 16 countries and with its headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, the U.S.A. Also, facts show that more than 3 million files have been downloaded from File Exchange on MATLAB Central every year. And, MATLAB has 525,000 contributors worldwide helping to make MATLAB Central apps. And, there are 500 third-party solutions that rely on over 2000 books in 27 languages based on Simulink and MATLAB. Besides if you are an Undergraduate or Graduate student, the MatLab Campus Student license, allows you to install MathWorks software on your personal computer or laptop. And the other way to download Matlab free for windows 10 is by using a 30-day free trial. Therefore, let me show you how to get the software right away.

How to Download MatLab Free For Windows 10

System Requirements

Make sure you have the minimum System Requirements for MATLAB for Windows, Mac or Linux.

How it works

There are 3 steps you need to follow to get Matlab. First, you have to login or create your account, second choose a trial package and then download and install the software.

Steps to get Matlab free download for windows 10

  1. Visit the trial page at
    Matlab free download for windows 10-trial page
  2. Enter your email and click on Continue.
    Matlab free download for windows 10-email address
  3. The new page opens. Sign in if you have an account or Click on Create Account.
    sign in to mathworks
  4. To create an account, select your location, choose what describes you; whether you are a student, hobbyist, teaching, researcher, or in the engineering industry or government.
    matlab free download for windows 10-create mathworks account
  5. Also, answer if you over 13 years by clicking on Yes or No and after that click Create.
  6. Another page opens to recommend that you to use your work or school email because it has more benefits (like Getting updates Released 2 times in a year, use add-on products and get access to expanded help and support.) So, click to view all those benefits and make a decision.
    benefits of work email
  7. Next, choose to continue with your Current email or change email address.
  8. And then, verify your email address by clicking on the link in the email MathWorks sent to you or copy the link into a Browser.
    verify email
  9. But, if you didn’t get the verification link, check the Spam folder or click a link to request that MathWorks send the email again or just contact Customer support.
  10. Next supply other details like name, surname, create a user ID, put your password and role, department, and put the location of your school. mathworks account information
  11. Do you need emails and other promotional materials form MathWorks? Click to accept it or not. and then accept the online service agreement and click the Create button.
    accept service agreement
  12. The next page opens to show download trial software.
  13. That is how to register for Matlab free download for windows 10.

How to get Matlab free download for windows 10 – Trial Software

  1. To download trial trial software
  2. Enter your email address and agree to the use of the license for evaluation purpose only by clicking I agree on the button. Next, click the submit button.
  3. You can add other software to customize your trial. Decide whether to customize your trial by adding other products to the Matlab trial or not. Then click the Continue button.customize trial
  4. A new page opens for you to select your plans for the download. Here tick the two needed boxes on how you plan to use the Matlab software and click on Continue.accept to try matlab with other products
  5. The next page opens to show you the download option. So choose your operating system form the list. Such as Windows 64 bit, macOS 64 bit, Linux 64 bit.
    Choose your operating system for matlab download
  6. When you select this button, you will receive the download file of Matlab R2018b-win64.exe
    matlab free download for windows 10-Set up
  7. Click on Save File, and click OK to save the file to your Computer Download folder.
  8. That is how to get Matlab free download for Windows 10.

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Software Installation of MatLab free download for windows

  1. Then go to the default file Download folder on your computer
  2. And then click on the Download file to extract the compressed file in your Windows OS
    click on matlab file to open it
  3. After the has file finished extracting, the program will launch with MATLAB logo
    matlab free download for windows 10-matlab zip file extracted
  4. The program is starting with the MATLAB logo.matlab started with logo
  5. Next, the installation set up will start. Note that you need Internet Connection to download the software.
    log in to mathworks
  6. Next select installation method. Select Login with a Mathworks account and click on Next.
  7. Read the license agreement and click Next.
    accept license agreement mathworks
  8. Also, log in to your MathWorks Account.
    accept license agreement mathworks
  9. The next page is for selecting a license. Here you will see an automatically selected free trial license. So click on Next.
  10. So, on the new page is Product toolbox.  Select what you need and want to install and click on Next.
    matlab free download for windows 10-select additional product to install for matlab trial
  11. At this point, the installation will begin. And the time it will take depends on your internet speed. Also, you will see the files displayed on the screen.
  12. When the installing completes, click Close
  13. And on your desktop, click Matlab Icon to launch the program.
  14. That is how to install Matlab free download for Windows 10
  15. To learn how MatLab works click this link.

Can you evaluate the same product on many platforms operating systems during a Matlab free trial?

Yes, you can use the trial products on any and all the platforms or combinations of operating systems supported by Matlab.

Can you extend your trial period for a product?

The initial trial period is 30 days. Yes, you can request an extension of your trial period for a product by contacting sales. If they grant it you enjoy it.


This post is about Matlab free download for windows 10. You can a get 30 days free trial and download Matlab to your Windows computer. But you must register a Mathworks account and give your personal information to get the free trial. Also, you can have a free trial of Matlab Online and download courses to study on your PC, Linux and macOS with your MatLab ID. Now that you know how to download and install the software, Try it.


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